Monday, January 13, 2014

Sick of Being Stationary {getting busy}

For children, the summer holidays can truly be the most magical time of the year, you know, if they don't DIE from boredom first. 

For some reason, my children are unable to appreciate slow mornings over freshly brewed coffee and spot of blog reading. The delights of quite days and early nights are lost to them and they are currently at each others throats most of the time.  They remain tired and grumpy as the residue of a Chaotic Christmas lingers. 

I spent the best part of last week insisting they sit in from of the tv and watch iView. I wanted them to be stationery and rest,* at leaf for a little while. But the result is two very bored, restless kids running around the house, making cubbies from lounges and teepees from toy stacks.
I'm determined to pick up my act, get back on the horse and get crafting.

If you're kids are sick of being stationery, here's a list of crafty things you could do.
Corn flour painting/ pasting: Cornflour has to be THE BEST pantry item around when it comes to crafting. 
Oobleck: Oh mercy, Kids of any age will adore this stuff. But be warned, it's one for the outdoors…
Peg People: Gather some scraps of fabric, some googly eyes and a wooden peg and watch a family grow. 
Fabric painting: The options are endless with this one. Customise pillow slips, clothing or make a wall hanging.
Painting a masterpiece: Some simple tips on getting great art out of our toddlers. Once dried these mini masterpieces could be used for cards and decorations.
Fimo creatures: Such a great one for the older kids or for the young ones with a parents help. Make a keepsake or a gift for a treasured friend. Or you know mum, make some earrings, beads or a necklace (jewellery 'findings' can be bought at Lincraft).
Playdough sets: I love putting together little playdough kits for my kids. Black playdough for the road with 'workers' and trucks. Blue play dough with ocean creatures and so on. These are the perfect portable play kit to take on the long drive to family lunches.
Dangling succulent garden: One for the older kids.
Fish biscuits: Customised gingerbread biscuits are the perfect way to get your kids in the mood for giving… and eating.

The infinite possibilities: Once you've crafted like crazy, take a look at all the endless masterpiece possibilities!

*when i say i wanted THEM to be stationary and rest, what i really mean is I wanted to be stationery and rest.


  1. Slow mornings and early nights?!? We wish!! It's early mornings and slow (very slow - not in a nice way) afternoons and evenings here :( xxx

  2. how wonderful! slow mornings and early nights.....what were you thinking??? some wonderful ideas. i used to craft with the girls every single day but now i have 3 the phrase...mum can we make....... makes me want to bash my head into the wall! i need to saddle up and ride with you xxx

  3. It's just so noisy!!! I don't want to have to constantly get food: it feels like all I do!!!

  4. How funny…I hopped into bed last night and told my husband my goal for the week was to do more 'fun play stuff' with the kids. We start our mornings very slow here too (tv, milky and coffees, lots of cuddles….and the odd moment on computer if I can whilst they run around outside like crazy children!). Thanks for the ideas-perfect timing and a good excuse to put the housework aside, and have some fun with the kids.

  5. we are so used to be always on the go right? this are great ideas thank you for sharing!

  6. I LOVE Fimo! Must stock up again... it's so soothing.

  7. My big two are 11 & 14 years old. I have the opposite problem, I cant get them up & moving! They just want to be stationary ALL THE FLIPPING TIME! Then I have the almost 9 month old who is on the go, all day long. So even though its no comfort to you now you will get those slow mornings back. It takes years & years & years but they come back x

  8. My kids would love do do so many of these - I've just got to be in the head space for it too!

    One thing I sometimes forget is that my 'quiet and relaxing' is not the same as their 'quiet and relaxing'. Where I'd love to sit in the quiet with a book and tea (ok I'm not suggesting they drink tea, but you know what I mean), they can get agitated and restless with the lack of movement, and an afternoon exploring in the garden will relax their spirits so much more.

  9. These craft ideas have come at the perfect time. I have no clue what i'm doing when it comes to entertaining my toddler, i'm going to make the cornflour paint tomorrow & not stress about the mess that will come along with it.

  10. These craft ideas have come at the perfect time. I have no clue what i'm doing when it comes to entertaining my toddler, i'm going to make the cornflour paint tomorrow & not stress about the mess that will come along with it.

  11. Ah yes… crafting. I HATE crafting, but know it is good for the kids.

    Tomorrow we have painting booked in. Sigh. Bum. Poo. I am the only teacher I know who can teach an entire year of art and NOT use paint. Such an over-rated medium. *I just checked and I do have my cranky pants on* ;-)

  12. Ah, yes. I can relate! What a great list you've compiled! The gorgeous artwork in the photo - did your littles make that using one of the techniques you listed? Or is that just watercolor? Just lovely...

  13. Great list for people that have little children i must remember these when i am a grandma x


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