Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On The Beetle Shack in 2014

Each year this blog has bought me more joy and satisfaction that I could ever have imagined. It's given me a creative outlet, a community and a really great reason to sit on my bum and be idle, which is something I really enjoy.

This year, I've got some exciting projects lined up to make sure this little blog is filled with interesting content. Of course it'll still be filled with directionless rambling from yours truly, but you know, from time to time I'll drop a bombshell of better-than-mediocre. Here's an idea about what's in store;

THE FAMILY HOME PROJECT - Each month during 2014 we'll be taking a tour of a creative family home. The homes of writers and crafters and artists and bloggers. Interesting homes filled with love and hidden clutter.  Stay tuned for the first instalment. You'll be taking a walk through the home of a writer/photographer/blogger and mumma.

THE ARTIST SERIES - The Artist Series will continue during 2014. This series is about recognising and celebrating the creatives among us. It's about shedding a tiny bit of Beetle Shack light on contemporary artists, illustrators, designers, stylists and print makers. Each month you'll see a new header at the top of this blog, a header created by a feature artist especially for The Beetle Shack. 2013 saw me completely humbled by the response to the project with some people who I really admire (okay, okay- idolise) agreeing to come on board.

THE GARDENING COLUMN - Last year Dave wrote the occasional post about our kitchen garden… and then we had Elke and the wheels fell off, the gardening column disappeared and we all ate macca's for the rest of the year.* This year, we're going to try again. Between Dave and I, we'll be writing about our garden, our home raised meat and what we're using our fresh, seasonal produce to cook. We'll be sharing recipes for relishes, preserves and dinners. It'll be boring, but you can handle it.

THE CRAFT CORNER - That's right, we're going to get our craft on. Out of all of the projects happening here at The Beetle Shack during 2014, this is the one i'm most excited about! A regular guest contributor will be coming on board (I'll introduce you later in the month, though I suspect you may already know her) to keep us creatively inspired. I'll also be working with a bunch of my talented friends to produce some fun tutorials on crochet, embroidery, fine arts and all things crafty. Ouch, it's going to be fun!

So, what do you think?

Anyways, that's enough looking forward. How about right now? I'm going to sit down with my good looking, good cooking husband, a dhal and a cider.

Life's good friends. 



  1. Awesome. Bring it on, Em!
    "my good looking, good cooking husband" - aren't they just the best!?
    Hugs to you.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Yay! I'm especially excited about the craft and the home tours :) Bring it.

  3. I can't believe you have charmed some real live artists Em. My bet is Laura Jones might be amongst them?

    1. I can't believe it either?! How the hell did that happen?

      Laura Jones did the above header, I idolise her. She is amazing.

      Maybe you could do one too?


  4. So look forward to seeing the fun around here...enjoy that lovely sounding evening x

  5. Hells yeah!
    Totally love that you have planned new features continuing with your arts roots. Mummy blog what? And super happy to see the artist series is coming back.
    However I for one would like to read more about cleaning products this year. ;p

  6. exciting... I hope its Milk Mum Please!! :P

  7. Can't wait! All of it sounds great x

  8. It's sounded like a well planned out and wonderful year.

  9. Yay to all the above as long as you continue some directionless rambling, woe is me posts from time to time to reassure that I'm not alone in my mummy angst! Looking forward to the home tours and artists series as well as some craft ideas!

  10. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! 2014 just got EVEN better! I must admit though, it's the directionless rambling I like most ;)

    Looking forward to a fruity year with ya, lady! Xx

  11. Yes, looking forward to all of it, but please put your directionless rambling on here too and as Lucy W mentioned above, some more woe is me posts - we love how you keep things real! Wow there are some cool things coming up this year, we are as excited as you are. Love ya Em x x

  12. Wow! It all sounds great. High fives! Going to be a good year :-)

  13. Sounds fantastic! I'm looking forward to all of it, although I do enjoy it when you do a wee bit of rambling :)

  14. That all sound exciting and I would love to hear about the veggie garden and pig raising and cooking. Have you seen "big boy" on the River Cottage Australia series? 2014 here we come. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  15. Oh it all sounds wonderful! I can't wait! Although I have to say I'm sure you're photographer friend is fab but you're a great photographer too so don't discount yourself as an option! x

  16. Sounds like a good year ahead!

  17. Sounds just awesome, Em - so looking forward to it all! x

  18. I'm excited to keep following you in 2014, the trs of homes sounds fabulous, i love a bit of sticky beak into other peoples houses for inspiration. Please, whatever you do, keep up with your directionless rambling, that's probably what keeps me coming back more than anythjng else :)


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em