Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bohemian Summer

I had SO much fun frolicking by the sea shore and snapping these pics of my sisters in these gorgeous Bohemian Dresses. We were up to watch the sunrise and completed the day with icy cold coronas and a old fashioned dunk in the ocean.

I'm so looking forward to doing more of this type of work in the future.

You can see more images from the day here.

In other news, make sure you pop back tomorrow for a fun giveaway! Yaahoooo (can you tell I was woken up less than 6 times last night? I'm feeling decidedly chipper!)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wearing: Read + Bell

Sometimes I wear the same clothes all week, like every day, for a week. It's wonderfully lazy and fabulously practical. This week I wore the above dress, almost all week* - I tied it at the hem and rolled it up at the sleeves. I wore it with a scarf, tan sandals, yellow sandals, many necklaces and so on. It's light and flowy and it covers most of my legs, which is a real benefit when you have my legs. 

When I put it on yesterday morning, little Pip said to me 'oh mum, I like your dress, that looks cute on you'. So there you have it.


Dress c|o Read + Bell 
Scarf c|o Read + Bell
Necklace c|o Read + Bell
Snadals | Saltwater 

*but not today, because today I didn't really get dressed. I just wore my super unflattering 7/8th boyfriend jeans that I always wear. THE HORROR.

If you're in sydney, the blow might be of interest to you!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Last Wednesday I had the absolute pleasure of attending LIFE: CAPTURED, a photography and memory keeping workshop in Sydney's Waterloo. The day was hosted by blogger and brainiac Pink Ronnie along with photographer extraordinaire Trish from Tealily Photography.

Together they wined* and dined their guests in an uber hip warehouse studio commonly used as the setting for Kinfolk gatherings and commercial photo shoots. Upon arrival we were presented with hand printed calico bags containing everything one would require for such an event - notebook, customised pencils, resource list, life captured handbook, a copy of fete magazine AND a jar of lollies. BAM.

As we sipped hot tea from vintage fine bone china, Trish took us through the manual functions on our cameras and uncovered some of those 'lighting' secrets that seem to be so tightly held by the professionals. While I have admired Trish's work online for some time, it was SO lovely to see her in action - shooting from multiple angles and capturing misty golden light, all with a sure but quiet humility.

After a delicious catered lunch Ronnie enlightened us on all things Lightroom/ Photo Organising and Memory Keeping and I'll be honest, this was so very useful for a scatter hatter like me.

Ronnie has a beautiful brain. It's crisp and organised and logical and alert. She communicates ideas clearly, slowly and precisely. I came away with a greatly enhanced understanding of how to archive and organise my images. Ronnie even made it seem easy, breaking each week/ project into manageable compartments.

If you have an interest in photography on any level, you'll really want to hop along. Trish and Ronnie make the perfect team and together they teach a truly comprehensive course covering the basics of shooting on manual, photo editing, organising and archiving.

Trish and Ronnie are planning their next workshop for Friday 30th May 2014. Places are strictly limited and I suspect they will be selling quickly (attendees traveled from all over Australia and Internationally to be there) . To register your interest, please email them at

And in the mean time, visit them in their personal/professional spaces and oogle at their talents.

Pink Ronnie - Life is Colourful
Tealily Photography

Ronnie and Trish, thank you for such a beautiful day**

*okay, okay so there was no wine.

** Made possible by Sue (my favourite mother in law) who came and doted on Elke whilst I concentrated.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. Zeph and Pip made a car for Elke before whizzing her around the house. This marked the first time they had played together, all three of them.

2. Spring light at dusk.

3. We've been going bonkers in the garden of late and Dave has been going bonkers with the 'Diggers', always ordering more green stuff. 

4. My mum came over on Friday to give me a hand around the house. She folded ALL of my washing, totalling about 7 loads and then proceeded to Iron stuff, including THE PILLOW SLIPS??!!! The lady is crazy.

5. Our brand new, totally amazing smoke detector that doesn't freak out at the smell of burn toast. Plus, it's decidedly less ugly that the alternatives. Consider this a recommendation. 

6. Thats my guy. Dave ducked out to the local Men's Shed garage sale and came back with these beauties. Look at him making not one but two purchases in one week. So unlike him. In other new, I do believe he'll be buying some pigs asap - christmas pork, anyone?

7. Warm evenings = little toes escaping from their wrap.

8. Oregano hanging from the kitchen window.


Zeph: Every single day you take yourself into the garden to catch butterflies. Sometimes you use a bucket, other times your bare hands. With every exciting 'catch' you run back inside, proudly presenting your victory.

Pippi: A VERY rare occasion. You are dressed and clean.

Elke: Always plonked somewhere nearby. Always entertained by watching your siblings.