Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Face Full of Wonder (for chocolate cake)

Looking for an excuse to linger in Zeph's room after tucking him into bed, I found myself telling him about when he was born. About how sweet and tiny and healthy he was. About how he slept on my chest for that first night and how delighted I was to see his pink face every time I opened my eyes.

Those magic first days of motherhood. That huge, endless love*.

His face was full of wonder as I told him about the first time he met his grampies, his aunts and uncles and our treasured friends. They all loved him too, many of them had tears of joy in their eyes as they held him. Some let them flow shamelessly while others wiped them away before they reached their lips.   We saw them all though, and with each tear we felt the love our people had for him, little Zephie.

As the story unfolded the smile upon his face grew wider.

He was thinking about cake. Chocolate cake.

'And was there a massive cake for me on my birthday, mumma?'

I laughed as I answered, telling him no, we didn't have a cake

Bemused he said 'well we should have a huge chocolate cake for the new baby on it's birthday'.

And so it is written, the day before this new baby enters our blessed world, we shall make it a chocolate cake.

The following day all 5 of us will sit up on the hospital bed and spill crumbs as we devour it.

* i could feel it just the same as I sat with him on his big-boy-single-bed. His hand are bigger, his eyes just as wide. the love is even more endless than I can comprehend.

Wearing : Bump Beetleshack 26 Weeks

26 Weeks, I'd say the count down is on.

It's official- i'm obsessed with redecorating this house from tip to toe, renovations included. Dave never gets a moments peace with my constant nattering about interior wall colours, textiles, children's rooms, new washing machines, fridges, air conditioners- whatever, If you can buy it, I want it.

Rampant consumerism comes withe the pregnancy territory, right?

Fortunately (for Dave) our budget only allows for...well... none of these things. So i'll just shuffle some things about and hope for the best (i'll probably repaint several walls too).


Cream Dress | local opp shop
Shoes c|o Sole Society

Tell me, do you go a little bit consumer crazy when pregnant?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Pippi, You Golden Treasure

Lady Baby, you sweet little pink haired peach. You were born at 1.37 pm on the 26th of January, 2011. After 26 blissful* hours of labour we decided that if it's what you wanted, you could be born by c-section. About half an hour later I had a perfect you in my solid arms. All wrapped up and sweet breathed. Total perfection.

On Saturday, we celebrated your 2nd year with citrus and poppy seed cake, family, friends and a pink trike. It was truly delightful to see you excitedly running around and being the centre of attention, butterfly wings and tutu in tow.

You are a tender hearted treasure, my darling.

all the boring stuff a mother likes to remember

* Several cheap, synthetic pink poodles later and you're still obsessed. Only now you've added a tiny peso and elmo to your beloved collection.
* You have speaking down pat. Sentences come easily and often.
* It's not uncommon for me to find you in the bath with a pair of goggles on. You run it for yourself, strip off and jump in.
* I ensure you have a blunt cut, front fringe at all times. One day you'll ask me 'why' and i'll tell you it's because you're so ridiculously adorable and I just can't resist. Plus, you sit so still when I trim it.
* You've learnt to fight fire with fire when it comes to your big brother.
* You're a pro at using the potty.
* When you're excited you jump up and down and flap your arms like wings. This always makes your dad and I laugh and shake our heads.
* The covers must be pulled right up to your chin at bed time.
* 'Daisy' is your favourite song. A Pa speciality. No one sings it with as much love as him.
* Sharing is surprisingly easy for you (most of the time)
* Your Nanny and Pa are easily your most favourite people. When you're not with them, you want to talk to them on the phone.
* In the mornings when you wake, you call 'mumma, come and get meee oooutttttttttt'. If I dally, you promptly request the same of your brother and he obliges. You guys love each other and it makes me so proud. 
* You like to call your dad 'Dave'. He likes you to call him dad.
* One must never hold you sand bra, you're lethal on the nipple cripple.

*no, not really.

Lady Baby Turns One
She's Cheeky

p.s sorry for the photo over load (not really sorry).

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. Proof of crafting. Chantelle, this one is for you darling. You're making me go old school whilst sans instagram (it's a long story, don' ask).
2. Lady Baby explorations. Don't you just love how little kids elbows aren't really elbows, more like joints covered in fat. I wish she's stay like this forever.
3. Constant problem post washing up/bathing kids/ cleaning shower. Solution- refrain from said activities.
4. Collecting treasures for the new baby's room. Econino is tried and true 'round here.
5. Making flower crowns for this little project. This one didn't make the cut.
6. Marigold, painting, painted pot.
7. A birthday 'reading' by a real illustrator. Lauren gave Pippi 'Magic Beach' as it was her favourite book as a child. We've read it about 6 times since, making it a favourite of ours too.
8. Felt confetti - the outcome of above mentioned craft session. Strung from our golden rooted $20k prehistoric tree (that just so happens to be completely ugly).

The Beetle Shack

The Beetle Shack

Saturday, January 26, 2013

4/52 {the difference}

...between boys and girls...

Zeph: Your face so often looks exactly like this. Covered in dirt and deep in thought. Please note the large gouge out of your chest, young man - the result of a heroic throw-a-chunk-of-wood-into-the-chook-coup-to-impress-your-friends moment. 

Pippi: The Birthday fairy on a pink trike. We found you up on the deck having a quiet 'trike' moment by yourself whilst your friends partied below.

These portraits were both taken at the Lady Baby's 2nd birthday party today. Later in the week i'll be posting some of the plethora of images that were captured (bet you're like, totally excited about that).

See you on Sunday evening for the Weekly Stills linky.

part of the 52 Project with Jodi.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Rest of Them. Mermaids and Marigolds II

The girls wear Bohemian Mexican Dresses, brown boots from Sole Society, Orange socks from Country Road and Orange clogs from Lotta From Stockholm. Photographed by Emily Beetleshack.

Here's a few more from our little faux festival the other day. I should have clarified when calling these babes 'sisters' - none of us actually share DNA. One is the blood sister of my husband (can you guess which one?) and the other is about to marry my husbands brother, does that make sense? I also have another sister on the way too, my very own blood brother shall secure his bride some time this year. I'm pretty much ecstatic about all of the above.