Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Teach 'em Young {Sponsored by Dettol}

There is no denying that children are proficient in making a mess, at least mine are. They pull their clean clothes from their draws and leave them scattered around their rooms, they scramble toys from one side of our living space to the other, they sprinkle wee on the bathroom floor and they drop all sorts of dinner debris under the kitchen table on a thrice daily basis.

They filthify with little regard for who has to clean up after them, that's why I'm teaching mine young.

If you drop it, pick it up. If you wee on it, wipe it up. If you spill it, sponge it and so on.

Naturally, even my best efforts to encourage, direct and advice go largely unnoticed. Any attempt to forcefully coerce respectable behaviour is met with tears and tantrums so there's only one thing for it.


Its a winning technique in my parenting kit and one that I use often.

In this instance it involves Dettol's fun mop complete with wipes. It's super lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and the wipes are sure to convince even the most slovenly of toddlers that cleaning is a novelty.

As an added bonus, the handle comes in 4 pieces. I'm sure each component was intended to be utilised to construct the full handle, but in a stoke of absolute genius, Dettol have created a great mop. Use 2 bars and it's the height for a 3 year old. Use 3 bars and hey-presto, it's set for a 4 year old and as my astute children observed, when Elke can walk, she will only need 1 bar as a handle.


Thank you very much.

Two of my 3 children are now eager and willing to contribute to the household chores. They can mop up after dinner without splashing water and hygienically rectify any 'errors' made whilst in the bathroom. aka, they can mop their wee from the floor.

I don't know about you but I'd say that's winning on many levels.

always read the label use only as directed


  1. We try to encourage all sorts of chores at home too and kid sized cleaning gear makes it all the more fun! xx m.

  2. OMG! I have been looking for the perfect mop and I think this could be it! I get so cranky about having to get the water out to mop....and yes, our kids most definitely help with the housework. In fact, they possibly do more than I do ;)

  3. I love it - I received a sample pack on Sunday (yes, Aus Post delivered on Sunday!), and it's a great product. I only wish I could find a streak free solution for my laminate floors.

  4. Kiddie helpers are the best! These actually sounds handy, rather than having to get out the big steam mop all the time.

  5. I definitely need this mop then! My daughter loves helping clean the windows so the fact this mop handle can be shortened means she can help clean the floors too.

  6. Will it come with instructions for the Dad male in my house?

  7. They always want to help at that age,i do hope they continue to do so ,my son still lives at home he is 25 but does not like to help at all x Lisa Mckenzie

  8. I started making cleaning products just so i could, in good conscious, make my kids staring spraying and wiping their own darn selves. Oh vinegar and water in a bottle, you are a god send.

  9. haha YES this is winning on all levels!

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