Monday, December 9, 2013

Hand Made Christmas Cards

It's a well known fact that Christmas just isn't complete without a good dose of crafting with your kids. Personally, I feel glitter, pom poms and all things sparkling should be compulsory during December - throw in some glue and it's total paradise.

We have a major backlog of fabulous paintings here are The Beetle Shack so I thought it would be fun* to use the glut to make some crafty Christmas Cards with the kids.

1. gather a collection of pre school paintings, sparkly pom poms and metallic markers.

2. Fold up your paper and draw half a christmas tree on the fold.

3. Cut out your perfectly symmetrical trees and glue them onto your card stock.

4. Glue down pom poms and use staedtler metallic markers to decorate your tree further.

5. Add some sparkly pipe cleaners to the base and you're ready to go.

I'll do a round up of some other fun christmas crafts in the coming week!

*read totally awesome to off load excess artworks, put them in the post and let someone else bin them ;)


  1. Hahaha I love your little note at the bottom and such a smart way of using and recycling your kids kinder art work! ;) Plus makes them feel special too you know...because they're giving their art work to someone else. Smart. Very smart. Just glad my kids have gone past this stage phew!

  2. So true i think they are lovely Emily x Lisa Mckenzie

  3. Lol to making someone else bin them - love it!

  4. that art makes ace wrapping paper too

  5. these are adorable! great idea :)

    xo jenna
    sweet grace


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