Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get 'em Wrapped The Reusable Way

Who's been stung but the Great Christmas Wrap Off?

I know I have.

Come 1 am on Christmas eve you can expect to find Dave and I with a bottle of red, a roll of sticky tape, a mountain of presents and 20 rolls of wrapping paper.

Sounds fun, right?


My beautiful friend Lauren Merrick has created this simple guide on how to create Reusable Material Chrostmas bags. Just like that, she's solved the problem - Spend a little bit of time sewing up some gift bags in a range of sizes and you're set for the rest of your earthy life!


Add it to your Christmas Pin Board and get b.u.s.y.


  1. What a very good idea,Thank-You for sharing this xx Lisa Mckenzie

  2. Growing up we always had Santa sacks - one gift was wrapped and the rest would be given in the Santa sack. I'm starting that tradition for my bub and have ordered a personalised Santa sack from etsy.

  3. Great idea. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.


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