Sunday, December 29, 2013


Well, that's 52 weeks of portraits for 2013. I would have liked to finish with amazingly crafted, beautifully composed, perfectly edited images but instead I've got an honest reflection of our life at week 52. Blurry images, poor lighting and as per usual, messy floors. December has been wild. Like totally insane.

Zeph: This year, my little darling, I have seen you grow and mature in ways I could have never imagined. You, my spirited boy, are gentle, loving, generous AND strong willed. You care for your sisters with a tenderness that inspires the rest of us. You are joy filled and larger than life.

Pippi: This Christmas you were given a lady beetle tutu (complete with polka dotted shoes) by your grandparents. You put in on in record time and were discovered sleeping in it later that evening. You've really revealed yourself to us this year, lady baby numero uno. You have a temper that you're still learning to master and a playful nature that sees you keeping up with that big brother of yours. You excel in long warm cuddles and manipulative, heart melting smiles.

Elke: The final piece to our Puzzle. You are one contented little lady. Happy to watch the others play but eager to be close know, close enough to be injured. In your 8 months of life you've sustained more injuries that your siblings put together. You're a snuggle pot and a chatter box - you fir right in.

Thanks to Jodi for inspiring all of blogland to take part in this project. It's been fun!

In other news, I'm just slightly (read MASSIVELY) excited to tell you about all the stuff I've got planned for this little blog next year!


I don't even know what day it is, or when the new year begins but I do know that I'll be seeing you soon, my friends.

xo Em


The highlights

Then There Were Three
The Difference
The Giant Bump

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  1. The 52 Project is such a neat idea. I plan to take part in it for 2014. Looking forward to your upcoming changes around here.

    Take care,
    - N

    1. yes, it's so great! you'll enjoy it for sure x

  2. Gorgeous Em xx
    I've enjoy this project, congrats on capturing a years worth of images of your children.
    Can't wait to see what you've got installed for us next year.

  3. I've enjoyed watching your sweet little people blossom this year too. And is that Elke standing up! Where has your baby gone?

    Happy new year lovely. x Laura

  4. I like the blurry, ill lit images. Shows your gorgeous reality, of life with three children

  5. Have loved seeing your three in pics. Happy new Year. x

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em