Sunday, December 8, 2013


Zeph : My little Animal lover and the typical first child. You like to be in the lead and thrive when able to teach your little sisters about.. well, everything.

Pip : Admiring the stitching on your little mexican dress, a gift from Little Tienda well over a year ago. It still fits perfectly and when it doesn't, Elke will wear it.

Elke : Ahhh the life of a little crawler. Always following your siblings around the house, getting to a room just when they're ready to leave it. 

See you later for the stills collection.

Linking up with Jodi, as always.


  1. Cutest bootie ever. And your yard is so stunning. Gotta get me a white picket fence A-sap.

  2. beautiful words paired with beautiful photos.
    a favorite this week.


  3. I love that little crawling baby bottom! So sweet!

  4. Love the contemplation of this week series


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