Monday, November 25, 2013

The Pot of Gold

Sometimes being a parent is the most wonderfully rewarding job in the world. Yesterday Zephie told me that the best thing about me, his mumma, was my warm cuddles. Naturally, my heart swelled to capacity upon hearing such sweetness and today, I made sure my cuddles were extra long, extra tight and extra warm.

I've been getting a glimpse of the future when looking that these strapping kids of ours. They are maturing right before my very eyes - their questions are considered and rational (well Zeph's are) and their patience is growing.

The past six months have been a complete haze of sleepless nights, leaky breasts and irrational behaviours (from me) but as the fog begins to clear I'm gaining a renewed appreciation for my children. While I've been consumed with the business of newborn Elke, Zeph and Pip have been getting on with the business of growing up.

All of a sudden they are bigger and older and wiser and cuter and SO appreciative of me, their mother. While I've been busy, they've been waiting patiently with warm, sticky palms and dirt on their cheeks.

 And now that I'm looking up rather than shuffling around with my brow to the pavement, I can see them face to face, looking me right in the eyeballs and saying 'hey mum, it's all good'.

And you know what, it really is.

So tomorrow when they pull at my hand and ask me to be an aeroplane, I'll putter along with them. When they pass me a chunk of play dough pizza i'll eat it with delight and when they ask me to put a dash of honey in their cup of milk, I'll oblige.

Gosh it feels good to know that life will be normal again.


  1. You just warmed my heart Em. Every word of this post is so true and how wonderful to be looking up! xx

  2. So beautiful. Enjoying the moment. Love the floral pants, where do I buy them? Do they have adult sizes??

    1. Oh I should have put that in the post! they are from a beautiful little online store called Bella Boheme

      Pip wears them all the time and always gets compliments! Elke has a little bloomer and dress set which is lovely and I have a kimono! Plenty of lovely things!

  3. Sleep is often the cure to all, including seeing the beauty of plain old boring every day life.

  4. I can really relate to this post! But our baby has been a renovation! And you're so right, before my eyes, my boys are growing up and getting on with the fun of life despite their parents' stresses. Lovely photos of your elder two cuties.

  5. Beautiful Em, love how you've referred to the newborn months as a fog....sums it up just perfectly. And when it finally lift......... :) Be well xx

  6. How great life is when we just open our eyes & really look.

  7. Yep, there are clear skies beyond the just takes time! xx

  8. Right on. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Those early times with a new little one are something else.

  9. Those pants on your little girl are ROCKING! What a fashion star.

  10. It takes time doesn't it? Those gorgeous faces! xx

  11. hard but so rewarding is the job of a mother! well said Em...well said x

  12. I am so happy for you Emily that you feel yourself or Normal as you say,so glad for you enjoy those gorgeous children xx Lisa Mckenzie

  13. Kudos to a mama of three, what an immense task! I struggle with one. I read your kidspot post too, and know exactly that feeling. Must be the week for it as I posted on the topic last week. Hope you are doing ok. x

  14. Beautiful post Emily and so true xx


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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em