Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stills : A Weekly Collection

1. I'm absolutely addicted to Peonies at the moment. Such extravagance in each bloom.

2. Baby bunnies all covered in fur.

3. Rainy days.

4. Pet tadpoles.

5. Stick insect inspections.

6. Project preparation.

7. New colourful treats from Bohemian Traders plus free shipping on all accessories and orders over $150 (enter FREESHIP).


  1. Pet tadpoles...very cool. I hope you'll keep us up-to-date on their progress.
    Have a great week Em! x

  2. The peonies and the white rabbit - just gorgeous!
    Your project preparation looks very interesting.

  3. Our kinder tadpoles are doing well - the second lot at least - I think the first ones baked :-(
    Gorgeous peonies - mine are sodden but I'm hoping for some sunshine this week to help them shine again!

  4. Weeeeee to new projects! And baby bunnies must simply be the most fluffiest things ever. Have a beautiful week :) x

  5. I've always loved peonies - love seeing these snippets from your week Em xx

  6. I'm so with you on the peony front. They are just gorgeous, I wish I could afford to fill my house with them every week! I hope your week is a beautiful one Em. Melinda x

  7. Gosh I love your photos. So inspirational and make me want to improve. Thank you! Rachel xx

  8. oh my baby bunnies!! so cute! xo

  9. all creatures great and the bunny shot. xxx

  10. Those peonies are divine. Tadpoles- so fab. And I remember another rainy day when we were meant to meet in that spot. xo

  11. peonies are perfect no denying that. so are yellow dipped tassels. something exciting up your bohemian sleeve?! xx

  12. Love the baby bunny and the flowers are beautiful


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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em