Saturday, November 9, 2013

Make Christmas Easy With StickyGram {sponsored}

I'm a dirty rotten scoundrel when it comes to written correspondence. No, no, I don't mean blogging, I mean REAL writing. You know, like with a pen and paper and an envelope and stamp.

I just can't seem to get it all together, It just seems so much work when I could just send an email, right?

Maybe, but last Christmas I made a resolution. After too many years of neglecting long distance friends and family during the blessed holiday season, I decided it was time to get on the Christmas Card bandwagon.

No longer will I sit by and have my Grandmother go without a hand written card from The Beetle Shack on Christmas Day, no no, I won't.

... but I will take some serious motivating....

Fortunately, I've found the kick I need in StickyGram. Have you heard of StickyGram before? Maybe even made an order?

If not, prepare to be amazed (seriously though). StickyGram take your Instagram pictures and turn them into adorable fridge magnets, iPhone cases and iPad covers! BAM! It might sound simple but imagine the possibilities with Christmas just around the corner. Personalised gift, anyone?

I'm sure you're far more creative than I am, but here's what I came up with

1. Take advantage of the world wide free shipping and send a sheet directly to your friends and family in far flung places.

2. A StickyGram magnet is the perfect accompaniment for your yearly family newsletter. Imagine that photocopied letter sitting proudly upon the fridge with your family photo holding it there!

3. Make a tiny hole in the top of your StickyGram magnets and use them as reusable gift tags.

4. Shamelessly gift them to EVERY SINGLE grandparent in your family. They will be stoked. How could they not? 

5. Create a collection for each of your children. Kids love images of themselves and these could be the perfect addition to that 'sticker chat' on the fridge. 

6. Order your partner a customised iPhone cover littered with images of your children.

7. Order your partner a customised iPhone cover littered with images of yourself (just for fun).

8. Order yourself a customised iPhone cover littered with photo's of Ryan Gosling.

So there you have it. I've already ordered myself enough StickyGram goodness to fill every Christmas card, decorate every gift and delight every grampy. I know, I'm overly enthusiastic but it can't be helped.

if you'd like to spread some StickyGram love to your family, now is the time to order. Simply follow this link and then follow the prompts.


  1. Love Stickygram! And thanks for the reminder... I was going to order some!

  2. If you need Ryan Gosling inspiration, @kitandnancy does TGIF (Thank Gosling It's Friday) each week. You're welcome.

  3. I've just ordered my first set of Stickygrams - thanks for the link!


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