Sunday, November 24, 2013


 Zeph: Easily the sweetest brother that has ever lived (beside my own brother). Always so eager to entertain his baby sister - Four years is SUCH a lovely gap.

Pip: Polka dots and Florals - a girl after my own heart

Elke: Your favourite place, sleeping in your dadda's arms.

I've been enjoying a very busy, extremely exciting weekend woking with Kris Paulsen - professional Interior, Lifestyle and Food photographer. We're preparing for a project will be launching in January 2014. Yipeee!

See you later for the Stills Collection :)

As always, joining in with jodi.


  1. What a sweet photo of baby Elke. I remember the days of our babe sleeping in our arms. It rarely happens these days but I always enjoy it when it does. Your little ones are just beautiful. Enjoy your fun and exciting weekend. Melinda x

  2. Beautiful photos Em, l'm thinking that the portrait a week project might be something to try next year. I've enjoyed your photos.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new project, sounds interesting ...... :-)

  3. lovely photos! Zeph looks like a very welcoming big brother indeed - its so nice having that bigger gap and seeing how nurturing they can be. :)

  4. Beautiful images of your children, as always!

  5. Lovely photos, suddenly Zeph looks so grown up. I have been following your blog for almost two years now, and have loved watching your children grow, just as mine are growing.

  6. Really lovely "day in the life" shots, Em. x

  7. Elke's images makes me miss the feeling of a sweaty baby in my arms. (Jarvis always sweats when he sleeps)

  8. I love these Pic Emily that baby bunny so sweet and your little Elke is divine and I love Peonies too,they are stunning! Lisa Mckenzie


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