Sunday, November 3, 2013


Zeph: Sure and steady hands swiftly crafting blue play dough volcanoes.

Pippi: Girlfriend, you have no idea how much I wish you would wear something pretty. You are literally always wearing your bothers swimmers or pyjamas.

Elke: That sweet tender embrace from your Nanna. We all know it well, it's the blissness.

as always, i'm joining in with Jodi's 52 Project. See you later on tonight for the Stills Collection.


  1. That surely does look the blissness. Little love, cheek to cheek. She is pure delight. Love all of these.x

  2. Maybe Elke will be your girly girl! I have two boys! One's a girly boy and one's a boyish boy. One of each - I'm happy!

  3. Oh Elke! So sweet! What a great photo!

  4. Love all these pics especially the Blissness one xx Lisa Mckenzie

  5. I was very boyish as a child, now I am a very girly girl. Well as far as clothes go.


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