Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ready for Term Four {sponsored by Staedtler}

Lost and Broken. Two words that I hear with unsurprising regularity in this home. Send a four year old boy to pre school for the day along with a lunch box, drink bottle, hat and spare clothing and you can only expect to get half of it back, right?

Term four is a hot one here so big floppy hats are a must along with an additional set of clothes just in case Zeph happens to 'fall' into the bubbler troff.

This term I'm hoping to improve our strike rate by labelling the contents of Zeph's preschool bag. I've used some waterproof laundry markers by STAEDTLER to write his name on the inside of his shirts and pants.

I'm interested to know if 'lost and broken' are common themes in your home too?


  1. off course they are she has lost plenty for school hats, jumpers, socks (I don't know how) spare undies, her lunch box + water bottle a number off occasions.

  2. Mine are adults and this still happens "Lost" is their favourite word! Lisa Mckenzie

  3. i have three year old twin boys... i am sure they break lots of things, but LOST is the key word around here... i bought clothes for a whole class this weekend, let's hope it makes it to winter! probably not!

  4. Term 4 started last week tuesday - I sent Gabriel to school with a full stationary case with brand new 'twisties' and a set of pencils on friday he brought the case back with all but one twistie less than a quarter left - what the heck!!! It was only 4 days for goodness sake!! Also he wears a uniform so I pack the shirts in the hanging side of the cupboard last week he had a meltdown becouse he 'had no shirts' the more I told him they were there the more he melted and swore he had lkooked in the cupboard but there were none there - I went to pick my puddle child up and help him find them - I'd put them on the right instead of the left hand side (facepalm ;-) kids I tell ya!!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em