Sunday, October 20, 2013


Zeph: Kid, you are REALLY growing up fast. You've got attitude in spades and your new Four In The Bed pyjamas only serve to make you more mature (kind of).

Pip: Oh you know, just your usual self. Wearing your bothers Octonauts PJ's at midday and scampering onto someones/ anyones lap/

Elke: I jest, you never sleep.


  1. I have so many photos of Toddler C sleeping when he was a baby...which makes sense as that was the only time I had my hands free to actually take photos...but I never remember him sleeping much...the joys of wakeful babies!

  2. Emily i read your blog religiously but almost never comment but I just had to say that your children are just beautiful. I love your blog for its reality. You confess the messy stuff but your happiness also shines through. Much love x

  3. Be still my heart. Your babes are divine, as usual, Em! Those sweet soft baby hairs... *cluck cluck*

    Sar xx


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