Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wearing : Kimono Cardi

Okay, okay. Lets just get this out of the way nice and early, the one-hand-on-hip pose is doing nothing for me. I don't know what I was thinking. Also, that hair's a little dirty but who has time to shampoo these days? not me.

Anywho, this organic cotton dress (also worn here) is really coming into it's own now that spring is here. It's light weight, easy to wear and deadly comfortable. Pair it with my new fun and floaty Silk Kimono cardi from Bella Boheme and I'm done. Seriously easy, light, fuss free clothing.


Dress c|o Indigo Bazaar
Kimono c|o Bella Boheme (check out the jumpsuits, i'm dying)
Boots | Zoe Wittner


  1. That cardi is beautiful, looking great x

  2. Two words: DRY SHAMPOO! they should give it to mums when they leave hospital!!! SERIOUSLY!! It will change your life!!

    1. Do they really work? What brands do you recommend?
      Ronnie xo

  3. They say all the best models pose that way to show off their arms, give the body style and let the clothing move away from the body some. Your pose lets us see more of that lovely silk cardi. Good job.

  4. i love that cardi! You could wear that simply anywhere, with jeans, over a swimsuit, dressed up! love xxx

  5. The more dirty my hair, the more 'up" it is styled. If I have straightened it I use dry shampoo. Can go a whole week without having to tackle my mop. But away from the hair... your skin looks really...glowing and clean. What are you using??

  6. That colour is lovely on you, great outfit! Clare x

  7. I very much admire your style. And, love the shoes!

  8. I don't agree. You look lovely. :)


  9. lurve that kimono, and the hip hand. you rock all those poses! xx ashley

  10. You look so pretty in that beautiful kimono jacket,i love it xx Lisa Mckenzie

  11. I love the kimono! Too gorgeous!! As for dry shampoo, I swear by Klorane (the original, not the new oily hair one), and this is from someone with superfine, super oily hair. I usually need to wash my hair daily, and I can get up to three days with my klorane!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em