Friday, September 20, 2013


The Pre School holidays are fast approaching and I've got my thinking cap on in an attempt to ward off any additional chaos that may come with endless days at home and no where to go. If your kids are anything like mine, after a few days of boredom they can be found underfoot and at each others throats.

It's fun for no man.

Our days seem to work best when we stick to a basic 50/50 principle. You know, 50% of our time is spent outdoors and 50% indoors.

Typically we get out in the mornings for a little adventure. I'll make some vegemite sambos, peel some carrots and throw in a pack of crackers before we meet friends at the beach or the rock pool. Often times we take a wander through the whimsical winding paths of our local National Park (this really is a family favourite, as you may have noticed) keeping a lookout for birds, bugs and lizards.

In our house, adventure is ALWAYS followed by rest.

Fortunately for me (and maybe you too) The National Parks and Wildlife Service have taken the hard work out of the 50/50 ratio with their WilderQuest programme. They offer a range of discovery adventures in National Parks across the state that will make light work of a morning in the great outdoors.

Not only will WilderQuest ensure your kids are plum tuckered by mid day, they'll also provide a little bit of afternoon respite in the form of an online, interactive website and an award winning iPad app. Ranger Sam will take them to amazing places before letting the kids get settled into their own online 'cubby'. WilderQuest proves to be a positive and engaging app that acts as a 'support material' (can you tell I'm a teacher?) for all of the outdoor activities we do as a family. The characters and illustrations are lifelike and truly do simulate our Australian wildlife, meaning that experiential learning really is extended into your living room. If you want to take things a little further, try an
d afternoon movie with David Attenborough - my kids absolutely adore his documentaries. You know what all of this means for us mum's don't you? That's right - tea, chocolate and silence. BAM. Winning combo.

To help set you up for an phenomenal school holiday the National Parks and Wildlife Services would like to offer one reader of The Beetle Shack a $280 adventure pack including a picnic rug, picnic set, binoculars, a wahu beach pack along with a collection of WilderQuest goodies for the kids.

To enter simply follow the prompts below.

I'm interested to know if the 50/50 principle works for you in your house? Do you party in the 
mornings and recuperate in the afternoons?

Thanks to the National Parks and Wildlife Service for sponsoring this post.

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  1. In our home is Mr 4 and miss 6months, So everyday is a battle of keeping Mr four entertained! We try and get out for a little adventure everyday weather it be Riding his bike or quiet cafe date, mainly music or dates with friends. At this stage Mr4 spends alot of home time as quiet time as little miss is usually asleep or im trying desperately to get her to sleep! Your local National park looks beautiful!! I have noticed in previous posts! Pretty!! xx

  2. What a great giveaway. My family are also a bunch of explorers.
    (p.s that last photograph is amazing.)

  3. It can be a loooong day , can't it! but I do love the school holidays! More time to spend with my six year old and no rushing anywhere! We do have a bit of 50/50 thing happening here, for our days out of the house. Lots of days at home just relaxing , playing ,getting creative and cooking.Your photos remind me that I need to check if Mount Warnings tracks are open again, as my 6 year old won't stop asking to climb it with us!!!!

  4. It's tough in our husienda with the huge age gaps (11,9,6 and 2) but there seems to be a bit more play than rest these days (*sigh).
    If ever you are lost for things to do one day Em, take a drive across the bridge and come and have a cuppa with me at mine and the kids can play in the creek x

  5. are you kidding??? it's 90 - 10 in our house. OUtside (and I've been known to lock the door) until food or nap time. The same goes for dogs and kids: A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG!.

  6. What an incredible giveaway! 70/30 over here with little miss Lola & I. We hit the road, the footpath, or head into the bush every morning for adventure and fun with friends. Followed by a long nap, if we have the energy and the sun is shining and calling us back outdoors, we head out again. If not, craft, baking a few cartoons and a ton of play take place indoors and more often spills outdoors into the yard as well. With bub two due anyway now, I come daily to your beautiful world here for inspiration, laughter and light hearted goodness. Keep shining and enjoying the adventure x

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  11. Oh dear - not quite sure why my comment posted half a dozen times! Super sorry, hope I deleted all but one successfully :)

  12. That certainly depends on how they are feeling. Somedays we go all day! Thank you for a generous giveaway!


  13. what a great giveaway!
    in our house, it is 50/50 - but with ht e adventures in the afternoon, morning for preparation and travel.
    Thanks, Radmila,

  14. Not always, but we definitely go a little crazy if we don't get enough outdoor time.

  15. Yep, out in the morning, digging in the veggie patch, playing a little cricket, to the park or the library or to scout out the op shops :)
    Then home in the afternoons. My littlest is 4 and has given up his nap but we always do quiet activities, painting, colouring, baking reading our new library books.
    Then we have some more outside time watering and checking up on the chooks.
    Love the 50/50 rule, they always sleep better after lots of fresh air and a little sun.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  16. 1 child an in lover and the other an out lover - so I suppose that's 50/50 :)

  17. We try to spend most of the day either playing, swimming, exploring and from about 5pm start to settle into reading, and quieter activities to help them settle down and get ready for bedtime after dinner and bath! My kids always sleep better when they have been out and about than when they stay inside...

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