Monday, September 30, 2013


1.  Humble pickings for a garden salad.

2. Story Time - Bare Bear is one of our favourite books.

3. Trying really hard to be foot models. This was the most hilarious exercise. I never ask my kids to 'pose' for photos, in fact, I seldom snap them when not in real life play situations but on this occasion I said 'let me get a photo of your shoes'. They promptly stood in these staged positions. Zeph said 'Look mum, this is how dad stands'. I guess you stand a little bit like a Kmart model Dave, missed your calling maybe?

4. Dave with his Dad, Sister Amy and our River Cottage bestie Jess.

5. The Bride and Groom arriving for our family breakfast the day before the wedding.

6. My Girls helping set up for the wedding. I really must gather all the photos from my camera and put a post together of the great celebrations!

7. Beans, ready for planting.

If you've been visiting the other bloggers who link up wit our Stills Collection then you'll know the beautiful Sophie of Her Library Adventures! Massive congratulations on the birth of her beautiful Babe - head over to her Instagram feed to find out more :)

I'll look forward to seeing what you've been up to this past week.


  1. All such lovely LOVELY photos...and I did giggle at the shoe modelling antics!!!!!

  2. Lovely photos and words too, just wondering if you mind letting me know where Pip's t-shirt is from? Thanks : )

    1. It's from Paul and Paula, a Melbourne based Mum. Pip pretty much ONLY wears her stuff!

  3. Beautiful photos, love the modelled footwear, beautiful light in that photo. Love all the pre wedding shots, it looks like such a happy time. Have a good week xx

  4. Very pretty photos,lovely little models you have there xx Lisa Mckenzie

  5. Very pretty photos,lovely little models you have there xx Lisa Mckenzie

  6. That photo of the happy couple is just beautiful:) And you have the most gorgeous foot models, too cute. x

  7. Hi Emily, I have only recently found your lovely blog and thought I'd join in with your weekly stills link up today. Gorgeous photos, very cute feet shots, you look like you have had a very happy week. x J

  8. Lovely lady... I've been catching up on your adventures and found myself discovering your posts on Childhood Cancer and your sacred eyes. Confession: - I had NO IDEA and was (and I'm sure you've had many varied reactions) flabbergasted. Thank you so so much for your raw honesty (You ARE A WRITER btw) and candid narrative. Differences are to be cherished. I try and teach my son this all the time because I want him to understand that what is the same about us (our need for love & acceptance) can only be provided for when we look past EVERYTHING that is different. If our connection to God is ever doubted I think of stories like yours. I share stories like yours and I CHERISH stories like yours. Sincerely... thank you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  9. How simply gorgeous are those little feet poses and I love the yellow. I want to see more pics of that wedding because you guys do it so beautifully. Have a beautiful week Emily. xx

  10. I have salad envy. Our rocket has just sprouted but Banjo ate our chilli plant despite it being up and supposedly out of reach! We're hoping to get some berries in soon - have you had a go? xx

  11. Lovely shots for your eventful wedding week. I can tell you are testing out that lovely new lens of yours. I am super jealous! The shots look crisp and beautiful :)

  12. Such a great collection of images Em! I love your little ones style! Have a lovely week. Melinda :)

  13. Hi! i'm Barbara and this is my first weekly collection link. i love your blog and your pictures (even if it's hard to think that you're ready for hot, sun & sea and here in italy is getting cold!)!

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