Sunday, September 8, 2013


Zephie: A plasticine snail complete with googly eyes. You've been right into your craft lately, much to the delight of your mother.

Pippi: Sporting one of many outfit changes (pyjamas and swimmers only) and face face fool of dirt. Thats how you roll - who are we to stop you?

Elke: Jump jump jump

See you later with the Stills Linky.


  1. Impressive crafting from Zephie! Beautiful shots x

  2. Since when has Elke gotten SO big? In a blink of an eye she is no longer a new born

  3. It seems overnight Elke's sprouted amazing how time flies. Your tribe is so lovely and it's great your'e all well again.

  4. Oh gosh, your adorable three get me smiling every week, SO GOD DAM CUTE!!

    Elke looks big bouncing away!

    See you later for still!


  5. woosh how fast are they all growing up!!!! will see you later have actually got my act together for the weekly stills xxxxx

  6. Love the jumping one of Elke! The face he's making is just too adorable! :)

  7. Such beautiful children you have, I just adore that last photo of Elke, that face is just too sweet!


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