Friday, September 13, 2013

1 Million Children {A Feature for UNICEF}

When Dave and I were younger we used to be part of a Social Action group that we called The Stained Glass Society. We, with a bunch of like minded friends, would organise events and fundraisers for aid organisations that we believed in. We'd host jazz events and other functions with the aim of raising an interest and awareness in social issues.

During that time we had a real outward focus, a yearning to better the world and a belief that it could be done. We ensured we were educated about current politics and crisis situations around the world; our conversations revolved around them.

Over time, our focus has taken a shift. We've bought three children into this world and so much of our time and emotional energy is consumed by caring for them.

If i'm honest, I've kind of dropped the ball on any issue that doesn't relate directly to my life at home with kids.  These days we strive to live as 'locally' as possible. We grow as much of our own fruit and vegetables as our half acre block can handle and we have a surplus of organic produce delivered each week. We minimise our meat eating and our eggs come our own backyard chooks. We are focused on reducing our impact on this planet when it comes to pollution and waste.

But life outside the safety of my four walls continues and many countries are consumed by war and famine. In Syria two million people, half of which are children, have been forced to flee their home country. They are in need of food, shelter and clean water. These are basic human needs and ones that I take for granted each and every day. While I don't have the same amount of time that I used to, hey, I don't have the same amount of money either - but I do have a little bit both so i'm going to send some this way. $50 will provide clothing, blankets and essentials for a family that fled their home.

You can read more about the crisis in Syria here and make a donation.


  1. Man I love you Em - I'm off to donate too - and I wouldn't have if you had not done this post. So thank you for waking me up and getting me to take notice xx

  2. This is a lovely and truly important post. Thanks for sharing and encouraging.

  3. Great post and well written.Lisa Mckenzie

  4. Great post and well written.Lisa Mckenzie


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