Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wearing: Stripes and Layers

My wardrobe selection is fairly limited given that I'm about 15 kilos heavier than my 25 year old self and that with each baby I birthed, an 5 extra kilos have lingered.

After each pregnancy i've carefully selected a handful of clothing that fits and feels good. That usually, okay always, includes a great pair of black Levis and an assortment of floaty button down tops in size XL, thank you very much.

I find myself layering summer items in various ways to get more bang for my buck. On this occasion i've thrown a loose fitting top over a stripy stretch tee.


Stripe Top | Miss Shop from a million years ago (find similar)
Cream Shirt | Levis (find similar)
Vest | Kennedys
Jeans | Levis
Boots c|o Sole Society about 2 years ago (find similar)
Watch c|o The Horse 

Please note, my 'find similar' links are not affiliate links. I have never used affiliate links but if I ever find some spare time, I'll dedicate it to figuring out how the whole thing works and get on board. 


  1. I think you look absolutely radiantly beautiful. Clothes, hair, skin, body the whole package. xx

  2. You're all boobs and great hair Em, nothing to worry about! Sam

  3. You look amazing...I never looked that good after having my was all trackie dacks and nursing tanks for what seemed like months!

  4. love it! stripes and layer are my favourite

  5. I've read your blog for almost a year now, but never commented. I had to tell you how much you inspire me! Your wise words on loving ourselves, being a mama and generally being a confident woman (I'm thinking back over different blog posts you've done) makes me stand a little taller. Thank you.

  6. I'm layering summer dresses at the moment! love the layering!

  7. I think you look absolutely lovely! LOVE stretchy strip tops!

  8. Well, those 15 kgs are all love. I've got just the same amount of love lingering on my frame, I hope they appreciate me carrying it around all this time.
    Your wardrobe is perfect too, but I reckon i'd crash tackle you for that pick mohair before I even said hello Em!

  9. You look wonderful - I wish that I looked that good after my baby (and I'm fitting back into my pre pregnancy jeans)... I just can't seem to find my style groove now that I'm a stay-at-home mum.

  10. You look gorgeous ,and don't worry about the extra weight it will come off later ,you look fab to me xx Lisa Mckenzie

  11. cutteeeee outfit!! love love love! I am loving your blog and am so happy to have stumbled upon it! Hope you have a chance to swing by mine as well! Annnddd I am your newest follower, so I will be back!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  12. Oh, love that watch! Love the whole outfit, in fact. xx

  13. LOVE! I can't wait for it to cool down so I can bust out my faux fur vest!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em