Monday, August 12, 2013

The Great Wall of Memories {A Feature for The Canvas Factory}

 My parents are sentimental people, my Dad especially. Memories are like golden treasures to him and he, along with my Mum, like to keep mementoes scattered around the house to remind them of special times past.

If you turn to the left as you enter their home, you'll find a shrine to all thing sentimental. A room dedicated to breakable, shining things. A room with french doors to protect treasures from the hands of toddlers that gather dust when not in use. A room reserved for guests and special occasions.

Within it's walls lay antiques, crystal, fine bone china, linen, silk and wall of photos dating back to the 1930's. Each marriage within our family is represented there, yet there is one sacred day that is missing. The wedding of my big brother to his stunning bride.

For Fathers Day this year, that will be rectified. Recently, I went through my photo archives from my brothers big day and selected a black and white image to have printed onto canvas by The canvas Factory. Within days I had beautiful memento to add to the walls of my parents home*.

The Canvas Factory would like to extend an seriously HUGE discount to all readers of The Beetle Shack so that you can do the same. Why not order a 30 x 45cm canvas print for only $19 (bargain) plus you will receive an additional 70% off any other prints. Shipping is capped at $14.95, no matter where you are located world wide and no matter how many prints you order! Use the code 5324565 to redeem discount.


The Canvas Factory is an Australian business that prides itself on offering superior quality and service, resulting in customer satisfaction every time. With a fan base all over the world, their convenient ordering service is easy to use, making it the ideal solution for sprucing up your home decor.
Uploading is easy; simply import your photos either from your computer or device, or you also upload them directly from Facebook or Instagram. This gives you complete flexibility over which images you choose to use for your artwork and means that you can easily print out those candid shots, taken whilst on the go.
Alternatively, you can select from over 20 million images from Fotolia in The Canvas Factory Art Gallery, which is ideal for businesses such as restaurants and hair dressers, or for anyone wanting a beautiful and artistic image that leaves a lasting impression.

This post is sponsored by The Canvas Factory

Does your family home have a room full of dust and trinkets?

*I snuck in while Dad was out to take these pics. I think he will be well pleased on Father's Day.


  1. Did you see Myf Worhursts Nice series. This post reminds me of the mythical "good room". :)

    1. No I didn't see that series BUT I did hear a wonderful talk back section on 702 with Richard Glover in which the merits of the 'special room' were discussed. I was listening and nodding along thinking of my mum and dad when BAM my mum was on the line, on the radio talking with R.G!

      SO GREAT!!! I still laugh the thought of it.

  2. I love it! - Sentimental...I have yet to start this sort of business around our 'house' - my mother doesn't have many portraits/family shots lying around to the extent of her mother ( my Oma ) who has old photos lining her hallway - its always SO interesting to see who's who and similarities in genes. My aim at some point in my life is to collect prints/scans/originals of the ancestors and make a sort of family tree in a hallway or feature wall. Best ever for the kids to see too I reckon!

  3. I think when I am older I will be your Mum and Dad - at least I hope so! I have 3 boys that I know one day they will leave me their wife and start their own boys do. In case they forget to call or come see their Mother I will need someplace to keep all their things and photos to remind me what they look like!!!!! xx

  4. I'm mad for photo walls and absolutely love your dad's. x

  5. Thanks for this Em... am in the middle of changing our photo wall of our wedding photos to all favourite family snapshots and was wondering where I could get a smaller sized canvas done... just hopped over to the link above and have found my answer! :)

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