Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wearing: Colour and Pattern

Oh you know, it's just me in a fruity frock in my filthily home. Look at those floors, I spy with my little eye... something beginning with O - oats... from breakfast, chalk from the chalk board wall, toy phone from goodness only knows where and general grime from my 1970's shack. Oh well, LOOK AT THAT PRETTY DRESS.


Fruity dress | Anthropologie
Scarf | Target
Cardi | Country Road
Dalmation Shoes c|o Bared (i must say these cute shoes are seriously, seriously comfortable)


  1. I love all of it...including the oats!

  2. You look so glowy and pretty. Hooray to stuff on the floor x

  3. Throw in some dog hair and you've got the floors of my house!
    housework be damned when you have a raspberry sorbet dress - love!

  4. Cute dress! Wood floors are the hardest to keep clean--I like a well lived in house anyway :) Shows you enjoy it!

  5. You look like you're glowing. :) super cute outfit today!

    Well lived in and loved homes are the best anyway.

    xo Sarah

  6. Gorgeous outfit for a gorgeous woman. xxxx
    I think you home looks fab, I don't see the 'filthily home', although I think that. Says more about the state of my home than my eyesight!

  7. You look so happy!! And I love the floors! Makes me feel at home! xx

  8. {}
    If only you could see my floors - you would think you were living in 5star compared to my current state.
    Love love love your shoes!

  9. Love this outfit! So glad to see someone in winter clothes from Pleated Poppy since I live in Perth now.

  10. These are such amazing colours and patterns, everything looks wonderful together.

  11. Funny, you see the mess, and all i saw was how pretty everything is. Oh and that cute tea set grabbed my eye

  12. Wonderful outfit! I like how you mixed the patterns!

  13. Photoshop is a brilliant vacuum cleaner. I've often been found 'vacuuming' my pics before I upload them (I'm sure it'd be quicker to use the actual vacuum cleaner and re-shoot, but hey. With unpredictable kids, you may never get that smile/expression/look-to-camera/laugh again. Having said that, great dress (from a first-time-commenter).

  14. Oh, I hadn't noticed the mess until you mentioned it. Or perhaps I just turn a blind eye to oats and chalk. They seem to litter my floor as well. I was much more drawn to that pretty dress, and that gorgeous china up on your shelf. Yes, I always look up! xx

  15. I can't imagine what you'd find on my floors. Lovely outfit.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em