Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wearing: Pattern and Colour

I've been giving this dusendusen* dress an absolute flogging lately. It's short sleeves and mid weight fabric make it the perfect item for layering while the busy pattern means all sorts of baby vomit and boogers are easily disguised. Sounds like fashion heaven to me.


Jacket | Levis (find similar)
Dress | dusendusen
Scarf | Sportsgirl (find similar)
Necklace c|o Harper and Hudson
Ring | made with Fimo by moi :)
Boots | Sole Society (find similar)

p.s Stay tuned for a fabulous wooly giveaway later on in the day :)

Same day last year.

*Tell me I don't need this fruit salad dress, seriously. 


  1. Love this outfit. The length of the scarf look nice and long. I'm drooling over the flamingos behind you though! xo

  2. I am swooning on your flamingos! And is that a scarecrow I can see? Love your little self made ring mostly :) Holly.x

  3. So much good in this! The scarf, ring, flamingos & garden are fantastic. I too consider it a favour to the washing pile that I wear the same outfit multiple times in the week. Genius!

    Sar xx

  4. You wear it so well Em. Beautiful and confident. Love love the ring.

  5. {}

    Love your ring - would go perfect with a pair of fimo earrings my friend made - you should go into Fimo biz xx

  6. Love this outfit! Pretty and colorful.

  7. It's a shame more designers don't consider booger camouflage when creating clothing.

  8. I may be only a fairly new reader of your blog but I can sooo see you in that fruit salad dress! Go on spoil yourself!

  9. I so loved you describing your yummy mummy tanty in your last post!
    I have just realised that hubby tries to help me out with a series of offertory gifts when I chuck my "im holier then all of thou...tanty!"... a funny comment...nope...a suggestion i get outta here...nope...ok he gets outta here...NOPE...a beer...sort of getting there...another beer.... barnacle bills take away? yep... im outta my hole for ohhhh maybe a day? (There used to be an "ignoring" of my tanties...clearly I taught him that was not going to cut it! Mum 1 Dad and 3 boys..0)
    Bless our families!

  10. And do your kids love it when you manage a shower in the morning and get dressed? Mine want to cuddle and go all starry eyed...thats when I realise I should really try that morning shower, dress, scent thing more then once a month!
    You look gorg!

  11. Cutie...Very cute. Love the fimo ring!


    PS bfeeding in a dress?

    1. totally buttons down the front top half! BAM. best dress ever!

  12. Love the colour! And the layers. X

  13. you are so beautiful em! i think about you often and wonder how you are getting on! I hope you are feeling chilled and not trying to do and be it all cause you don't need to try at that, to your kids you already are the world and we all think you are fabulous xxxxxxxxxx

  14. You look wonderful & I love your flamingo lawn ornaments!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em