Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If there is one thing that the cold weather makes me crave it's a super hot cup of tea, and what's a hot cup of tea without cake, right?

On the weekend (as part of my tantrum) I pottered* around the living room, tidied up, vacuumed and placed my succulents into rustic glass domes. I dusted the sofa table, shuffled some artworks and plugged in our new lamp. A place for everything and everything in it's place**.

With the cleaning frenzy behind me, I went outside and apologised to Dave for being a lunatic. We embraced and he promised to make a cake for us to enjoy later. 

He baked a delicious banana cake complete with cream cheese icing and toasted almonds which was perfect as I'd been hoping to fill my new cake plate with something scrumptious ever since carting it at Target a few days earlier. While the kids were in bed he and I cosied up on the lounge, lit a scented candle, poured a hot cup of tea and devoured a mammoth slice of cake in absolute silence.

It was the blissness***. 



***moments after the kids emerged from their rooms the house returned to chaos and the pretty scene above was destroyed, naturally.

Tea cups, glass cake plate and dome, lamp, bike tote and scented candle are all from Target. This post is sponsored by Target.


  1. Oh, what a great hubby you have! I know how you're feeling about the living room...unfortunately it's the most lived in room for us and gets so messy all the time! I just want a few days of having a tidy, clean lounge to relax in!!! Is that too much to ask?

  2. Um, any cake left? I fancy a bit of home made cake about now ;) of courses could get off my bum and make one myself but where is the sharing and caring in that? :p

  3. ohh how cute is that Dave of yours baking such a delicious cake.
    all those Target bits and pieces look lovely in your stylish living room. x

  4. I did a little 'rage pottering' today (our house looked like a bomb hit it...& we have no little's to point the finger at!), when all of a sudden your last post popped into my mind. I immediately stopped, put down the spray & wipe & went to the kitchen to bake with the Mrs. Even after all my shouting, she'd cooked dinner & baked muffins for my lunch tomorrow!
    We've got a couple of keepers, I'd say ;)

    Sar xx
    ps. We've been eyeing off that lamp! Think I might pop by Target tomorrow. x

  5. Do love that little white plate that delicious looking cake is sitting on...love that mirror more, though, what a find! ;) I get such good cleaning done when I'm grumpy, very satisfying. I live in a house full of boys who will never really understand that! x

  6. I saw those bike totes the other day. cute, I thought. and cake makes everything better, doesn't it? x

  7. The asterix list made me chuckle. Ho ho. Holly.x

  8. I seriously need cake and tea AT LEAST four (or five) times a week - I'd go the whole 9 times a week (truth be told) but in all honesty I find when there is no cake (and no chocolate either! ... Oh the horror) I end up with three caramel like medjool dates and a handful of mixed nuts. It kinda does the trick. Kinda. xx

  9. Where do you find a husband that bakes? Please send me one in the mail...

  10. Looks extremely cozy! Love the tote!

  11. Oh petal.... this post is the most gorgeous thing. Love knowing I am not the only who cleans when I am cranky. I bet Mr Cool wishes I got cranky more often!

    Cake solves lots of issues. I think there would be less war if there was more cake. Trueness.

  12. He made you a cake? Now that is true love

  13. Lovely! Whats the name of the succulent under the glass dome? I might just need one... and I have the perfect spot in the lounge room for it :)


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