Friday, July 26, 2013


You know those times in life when you just can't seem to catch your breath? One week rolls into another, sleep remains elusive, the groceries remain undone along with the sorting and exhaustion seems to follow you everywhere?

For me, those times have been frequent of late and I've been wondering how on earth i'm going to get through the next few weeks without falling like a heap on the floor. I've been taking solace in my morning coffee and evening piece (ehum, okay pieces) of chocolate but it would appear they're not doing me any favours.

To reduce the effects of the 2.30pm slump I've started adding a fresh fruit and vegetable juice* to the mix. Not only does it give the kids and I a reason to focus on a joint task (they help with the peeling, chopping and squishing) but it also provides us with a much needed energy boost.

Combine that with a fancy personal training program and I should be feeling pretty...ehum... energised come the warmth of Spring. With any luck I will have reduced my many bums, you know - the regular bum, the lower back bum, the side bum and the upper inner thigh bum that I have lovingly grown during my child baring years - down to just one bum! IMAGINE!

How are you travelling with the old exhaustion? Got any hot tips for keeping the energy levels up (please don't say 8 hours of unbroken sleep)?

Have a beautiful weekend my friends, I plan to!

*i'm not talking about one of those fancy 'leave all the nutrients in' juicers either. Just the average brevelle number that every man and his dog bought 8 years ago. I know you have one lurking in the pack of your cupboard- it's time to dig that sucker out!


  1. Yip I know that slump! ive had to give up my coffee because it wasn't doing me ANY favours :(
    I made the "amazeballs" etc etc etc names, after seeing it spammed so many times on my instagram feed, and they are actually really yummy! Using the recipe from "themisadventurousmaker" blog. A good alternative to that piece of choc.

  2. If there is a remedy to the 2 or 3pm slump please let me have it!

  3. I put on music that I love :)
    Also, although the fruit and veggie juices are yummy and full of nutrients, they're full of sugar so not great for weightloss. You're probably better off with the coffee.

  4. You wont here sleep from me, as I am not getting much myself. Coffee and prayers are my lifeline. Although my boys are pretty good, with bubs going through a "only sleeping in my arms during day phase," the arvo bump is felt here too. Love the days I can strap them all I the pram and go for a walk.... Winter hasnt been great for it though.

  5. coffee, 2 big glasses of water and remembering the fact that by 7pm it will all be over. ....if really necessary a 5 min power nap on the couch with kids laying on me.

  6. Sadly, I quit sugar.
    Bloating gone, energy back and lost some weight.
    I fell of the wagon a couple of weeks ago and felt so uncomfortable, like a sausage in the frying pan needing its skin pricked.

    So I hitched myself back on to the wagon and god it's hard to do! But honestly I feel better and waking in the morning and feeling okay - even bright eyed some days - after a kid-interupted sleep, the results speak for themselves.

    I miss chocolate.

    The end ;)

  7. A sneaky nap mid afternoon, while one sleeps and the other has gently-but-firmly-enforced quiet time. I had one today and I'm a bit nicer now. x

  8. Yum, I need to dig the juicer out again. the trick of a healthy juice is mostly veg and only a little bit of fruit (to make it drinkable).
    Yes having snacks on hand that are as easy as grabbing a piece of chocolate is important. I haven't made them in a while but these no-bake energy balls are delish, and you could get the kids to help make them.

  9. Ohhh... The Slump. "No, MUMMY! It's not time for falling asleep!!"

  10. I just started on trying to reduce my bums today.
    I walked to the post office and only because I HAD to post one of my pieces.
    It was uphill all the way home and it hurt so now I'm drinking wine.
    Tania xx

  11.*cough**cough, cough*! I take my hat off to you! How did you take the leap into exercising - I need some motivation?? Pass me another kit-kat please!
    Have a great sunny weekend! xx

  12. mmmm.... craft has always got me through - something of my own to look forward too.... but it does not help with weight loss! xx

  13. I find the post-lunch slump the worst and so I make sure I only eat a really light lunch. It helps a lot. Sleep would probably help more - I'm working on that!!! x

  14. The only thing that saves me is getting out of the house...a walk to the park and I am generally good to go...and if the coffee cart is at the park then I rarely say no!

  15. It's coffee for me, and a fat juicy date (refrigerated is best, its chewy and sweet)
    I think we can forget about '8 hrs of sleep' forever. With little kids it's simply because they don't sleep and when they are big its worrying about them coming home safely. !

  16. I quite sugar too. Did a 8 week challenge (the Sarah Wilson one). It was actually really really really good. And I am a chocolate/cake/cookie kinda girl. After the challenge finished we could eat them (if we wanted too) and I haven't brought chocolate yet (but we did make a banana cake today!)! It has really helped the 2.30 I just wanna have a sleep time.

  17. Oh man the last few nights have been hell.
    My solution
    A routine so strict I have the whole week mapped out down to the room I will pretend to clean. It's the only thing that keeps me from hiding under the couch with a tub of Sarah lee double choc ice cream and hoping Lucy won't find me.

    But seriously. I love routine. Even in little doses. And the Florence and the machine song "dog days" dance to that bad boy in yo undies.

  18. Hello Emily,

    it's pretty relentless, isn't it?

    I'm sure you already know this but a freshly squeezed lemon juice will do wonders to your energy levels. It's not just the vitamin C content but the ascorbic acid which produces a magical chemical reaction (don't ask me to explain which one, please) and wham, bang: you feel BETTER!

    Go on, give it a go ;-)


  19. This probably won't help you much but whenever I've had new babies I find the best thing for the 2-3pm tiredness a sleep. Any way you get it, any day yu can get it. I have to admit though, with three preschool aged kids in da house, that happened about once a month... see, I told you that wouldn't be very helpful... I love the look of all your exercise gear though, it almost makes me feel like pulling on my running shoes x

  20. Water, water, water is my best friend when it comes to getting through an energy slump. It can be a vicious cycle when you have a newborn (plus two other children to look after!) and are feeling so ridiculously tired it is easy to reach for food thinking that will give you more energy. The fruit and veg juice is brilliant and if you are not already drinking a couple of litres of water a day make it your focus for a week and feel the difference. I have to agree with others who have quit sugar when I did a sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol detox for 3 moths the afternoon energy slump totally disappeared it was incredible. I think though for you now is not the time to be doing any extreme restrictive cleansing but just try and avoid loading up on white carbs, cakes, biscuits etc; Good luck! x

  21. Sorry but I think you forgot the worst bum. My husband calls it the front bum.

  22. I love your description on the many bums. We can blame those beautiful babies we call offspring. It's their fault. (Wouldn't have it any other way.) Looking forward to hearing how your pt goes. I would LOVE to have one of those! x

  23. Oh, and I forgot to mention what I do with the 2:30pm slump. Listen to your body: a nap if you can. Just a 10-20 minute power nap. Turn on the timer, get those babies to sleep (or at least in their beds for some 'quiet time') and do it. I was able to manage two babies asleep quite regularly, and while its early days for you yet, it's a good goal to have! Totally doable too.


  24. Emily, I had a baby the same week you did. During my pregnancy I felt that I was gaining too much weight. I also wanted to stop my sugar addiction and focus more on my health so I quit sugar. I used Sarah's quit plan loosely. I pretty much went cold turkey. I loved cakes, biscuits and chocolate but felt great that I was doing something for me, for my health. Well, the weight I went on to gain was purely the baby's weight and now 13 weeks post baby I am back to my pre-baby weight! It's great being able to fit back into my clothes.
    Without sugar I am more in control of my eating and I'm more satisfied with correct servings. I don't feel that I'm denied sweet foods as there are plenty of sugar free and artificial sweetener free treats to be had.
    FRUCTOSE is the enemy! :)
    Good luck, you can do it!!

  25. Oh, the mid afternoon slump! A nap works well, but it's a rare day indeed that I get one. I tried cutting out sugar, but I didn't see much of a change in energy levels (to my surprise!), but cutting severely back on processed white flours (bread, pasta, etc) made a huge difference for me. I think you've got to play around with it a bit and find out what works for you. I would also strongly encourage exercise, especially those muscle building ones! I was apparently too slow to get started, and now have chronic lower back pain as a result, which makes exercising both difficult and painful. Babies are hard on the old body! Hugs, Fi xoxo

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em