Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wearing: Floral

It's a rare day that I'm not wearing a nighty as a top. Tuck it in or throw on some tights and you know, it's pretty respectable really.


Vest | Kennedys
Shirt | Anthropologie (it's actually a nighty that I got on sale for about $40 and was worn here and another here)
Jeans | Levi's
Boots c|o Sole Society

In other FAR more exciting news, my friend Kristoffer Paulsen has just launched his photography blog. Please do yourself a favour and check him out (especially the interiors section) - the guys got skills, to be sure.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today, You've Been A Turd {it's not you, it's me}

In two days time Elke will be exactly three months old. She was born on the 1st of May at 1:30 in the afternoon with eyes wide and bright. The perfect baby sister for Zeph and Pip and a magical bundle for Dave and I.

Since that time I've felt pretty much like Shera - you know the princess of power. I've smashed solo trips* to Aldi, navigated all manner of breastfeeding multitasking, made dinner as many as 5 times, kept the floors vacuumed and diplomatically resolved at least 652 conflicts between my children. I have wiped tears, kissed grazed knees and spoken calmly whilst enforcing quiet time.

But today, TODAY, it all came undone.

It makes sense really given that the three month mark (since giving birth) is steadily approaching.

From memory, I've experienced a 3 month slump with each of my babies. When the pregnancy and new mum hormones wear off and reality kicks in... as in... reality kicks you in the metaphorical balls.

 It's when you finally realise that you're still waking up in the night to feed a baby, that no-one else will sort the washing and that no amount of right eating and exercise will actually make you feel energised. Why? Because being a mother is bloody exhausting and nothing can compensate for extreme, long term lack of sleep.

Toady my children refused their quiet time** and insisted on acting like kids rather than the adult company I was hoping for.

You know what, it's not them. It's me. They haven't changed their behaviour, their attitude or their actions- I have.


Because I'm tired and my superpowers have worn off.

So tonight, over a tall glass of red I shall take stock and remind myself that it's me, not them that needs to keep this ship sailing. I am the parent and I will rise to the occasion.... tomorrow.

Superpowers or not.

*okay, make that trip, singular. I'm not crazy enough to attempt that again.

**They must have been onto me after yesterdays post, guess it was a little smug huh!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Art of Silence {and saving my sanity}

Somewhere around mid adolescence I realised I was an introvert. Despite thoroughly enjoying socialising and having an outgoing personality, it's in the quiet alone times that I recharge.

Being an introvert means I find the constant interaction with my ever present children can be at times, somewhat challenging. Gosh, what a shameful confession! I do love to hear their chatter when they are playing with each other, creatively putting out imaginary fires or building townships with lego - it's just when they want to talk to ME all day about.... well... nothing that I find my thinking getting foggy and my answers snappy.

It seems that for my young 4 year old, talking has become a habit. Even if there is nothing to say, he will talk, sometimes repeating the same sentence over and over and over. If he has run out of words for the day, he will make robot noises or car noises or mouse noises or any bloody noises just to fill the airwaves.

Where ever I am, they they are also. And when they are present, they are talking.


Now that there are three children, I have found it necessary, for my own clarity of mind, to put some boundaries around 'noise making'. Our days need an ebb and flow. Some time with incessant talking and just a pinch without.

I've started to employ one or two strategies to enforce a little bit of kind silence. When I say kind silence, I mean some quiet time where I'm not teetering on the edge of screaming 'would you please just SSSTOOOOOPPPP talking!'

This means it needs to be a regular part of our daily routines, not to be missed or compromised on. Each day at around 12.30 Zeph and Pip go to their rooms for a quiet play. They may choose to sleep, read* or tinker but they may not come out of their rooms. This provides me with a nice chunk of time (usually 45 mins to an hour) where I can gather my thoughts and do a wee in peace. I make sure that a hot cup of tea and a tuna salad are consumed during this session.

Later on in the afternoon, if the noise hits fever pitch once again, I set the timer on the oven for a couple of minutes and call a 'quiet time'. It's usually enough to break the pattern and keep things at at manageable level.

How do you manage all the noise in your home?

Are you an introvert who struggles with the constant interaction or does your extroverted personality allow you to thrive on the frenzy (Dave is one of these amazing people)?

*destroy books in Pip's case 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. Dave treated me to a Sunday afternoon nap and I awoke to this glorious sky. Double excellence.
2. Mr Multitasking. Rocking baby Elke to sleep whilst reading.
3. Winter light in our bedroom.
4. Vintage crocheted goodness in Elke's room with a pop of Happy Circus colour.
5. Flower in captivity.
6. Pip at the park, the same one we went to on this occasion. It's a favourite of ours.
7. Kitchen carry all.

In other news, the winner of the Winter Warm Up giveaway has been announced. Check back here to see if it was you.

I hope your week has been fabulous and I look forward to visiting :)

xo em


Zeph: Seriously Darling, you are ALWAYS covered in dirt, dust, soot or grime. It's not uncommon for you to climb into the wood fired oven (when it's cold, of course) to play and dig and mess make. You delight us with your crazy ways.

Pippi: When your up high on your Dadda's shoulders you like to hold onto his beard like the reigns on a horse. You can just see the pleasure on his face.

Elke: I hope always remember the warmth of your smooshy cheeks on my chest. Newborn goodness right there. It's crazy to think that Zeph and Pip were that tiny once too.

Linking in with Jodi and coming back later in the day for the stills link up


Friday, July 26, 2013


You know those times in life when you just can't seem to catch your breath? One week rolls into another, sleep remains elusive, the groceries remain undone along with the sorting and exhaustion seems to follow you everywhere?

For me, those times have been frequent of late and I've been wondering how on earth i'm going to get through the next few weeks without falling like a heap on the floor. I've been taking solace in my morning coffee and evening piece (ehum, okay pieces) of chocolate but it would appear they're not doing me any favours.

To reduce the effects of the 2.30pm slump I've started adding a fresh fruit and vegetable juice* to the mix. Not only does it give the kids and I a reason to focus on a joint task (they help with the peeling, chopping and squishing) but it also provides us with a much needed energy boost.

Combine that with a fancy personal training program and I should be feeling pretty...ehum... energised come the warmth of Spring. With any luck I will have reduced my many bums, you know - the regular bum, the lower back bum, the side bum and the upper inner thigh bum that I have lovingly grown during my child baring years - down to just one bum! IMAGINE!

How are you travelling with the old exhaustion? Got any hot tips for keeping the energy levels up (please don't say 8 hours of unbroken sleep)?

Have a beautiful weekend my friends, I plan to!

*i'm not talking about one of those fancy 'leave all the nutrients in' juicers either. Just the average brevelle number that every man and his dog bought 8 years ago. I know you have one lurking in the pack of your cupboard- it's time to dig that sucker out!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wearing: Colour and Pattern

Oh you know, it's just me in a fruity frock in my filthily home. Look at those floors, I spy with my little eye... something beginning with O - oats... from breakfast, chalk from the chalk board wall, toy phone from goodness only knows where and general grime from my 1970's shack. Oh well, LOOK AT THAT PRETTY DRESS.


Fruity dress | Anthropologie
Scarf | Target
Cardi | Country Road
Dalmation Shoes c|o Bared (i must say these cute shoes are seriously, seriously comfortable)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best or The Balance?

third baby treatment- hands on, all the time.

I'v been writing this blog for about 2 years now and over that time I've written hundreds of post and read thousands of yours.

I read blogs about design, interiors, lifestyle and fashion but my favourite type of blog fits neatly into the 'parenting' category. In fact, I'll take it one step further, it fits into the HONEST parenting category.

Why? Because I'm a parent and it's of personal interest to me.

I initially began The Beetle Shack as an outlet for my parenting struggles, woes and realities. Four years ago when Zeph was born, I found being a mother overwhelmingly challenging and isolating and I'd find myself turning to blogs for a little bit of virtual companionship. The only this is, I'd sit on my size 12 bum with a hot cup of full cream coffee, surrounded by filth and washing and read about beautiful, rhythmic occasions where mothers were in love and engaged with their babies, their homes and their lives.

A little bit of Post Natal Depression ensured that I felt like a substantial failure whilst everyone around me (in the virtual realms) was successful and fabulous. Clean homes, neat kids and popular blogs.

Some two years ago, I wrote a few dark and honest posts here about my life as a stay at home mum. When I look back on them I can see the heavy cloud looming above them, one that has since lifted and with it comes a refreshing sense of 'okay-ness'* that I hope sticks around.

But I sometimes wonder if now, with my new found 'okay', I write a blog that lacks some raw honesty and integrity. One that shares the best rather than the balance.

Yes, it's true that this space has become both my hobby and a little bit of a job. Yes, it's true that I do sometimes write posts for money and receive nice stuff for free which i'll be honest, I'm pretty stoked about. But it's also true that my initial reasons for starting this blog remain.

I want to keep an honest account of my life life at home. I want my children to look at this blog and see the whole truth - that some seasons were incredibly difficuilt and some were utterly fabulous. I want there to be a record of their early lives and I hope that one day this blog offers them a little insight into what it's like to be both a child and a parent. Mostly, I hope that when my kids have children of their own, they understand that experiencing the fullness of every emotion does not make them alone or a failure, it makes them awesome and human.

In doing that I may, from time to time, wander from the path of, you know, reality and write the odd flowery post about nothing but hopefully I'll always come back to whats ordinary and mundane - because really, thats what's great about life.

What is it that you love about reading blogs? and if you write one, what do you enjoy about that?

*I was going to say 'ease' but that would have been a lie. being a stay at home parent in bloody hard 99 of the time.

Monday, July 22, 2013

With Religious Devotion

A dinner time listening. Dave playing for his adoring children (ooh look at the love in that little lady's eyes)

Way back when Dave and I were young and newly married, we attended a Sunday church service with religious devotion. Dave was part of the music team and most of the time I'd sit in the service while he lead the church in singing songs to God.

Among his arsenal of talents Dave hides a smokey (can I say sexy?) tuneful voice, guitar expertise and an outrageous ability to write music that is honest and raw*. During our church years he penned many a song that was sung by the congregation and many, many more that filled our tiny red brick apartment (at the time) with warm love.

As the years passed we left behind the song singing established church in favour of a more 'missional' approach. We were involved in small, home lead social action groups and Bible studies.  There we found our place among like minded people - this Pentecostal boy and Anglican girl met in the middle and discovered Jesus was there too.

Since babies have arrived on the scene Dave and I have found it a little more difficult to meet with others in a 'formal' capacity. Our devotion to service has been fixed solely on our children (whether we like it or not) and bible reading is restricted to the five minutes we can manage to stay awake after hopping into bed.

Despite the lack of formal communal christian practices, we remain dedicated to teaching our kids about Jesus in anyway we can, but at the moment our home is the church and our family, the congregation.

*Dave read this post and insisted I make him sound like less of a wanker (he was embarrassed) but I refuse. Surely a wife can gloat on her husbands behalf, wanky or not!

Stills: A Weekly Collection {the weekend edition}

1. Wild flowers from our weekend bush walk. We traveled from the highest point to the lowest, down a muddy gully all the way to the ocean. Zeph walked and whined, Pip walked, begged to be carried and whined while Elke rode in the pouch, slept and whined. It was a winning walk, so relaxing.

2. the walk was worth it, we had this hidden gem all to ourselves. If the weather was warmer we all would have splashed by the shore in the razz. Alas, it was far too cool so we stayed fully clothed.

3. The fun part - sand rolling, water splashing and fruit picnicing.

4. Baby Elke sporting a tweed all in one and spending some time with the flamingo pillow sent to us by Empire Lane (who's new collection is slightly luscious).

5/6. Wood fired pizzas with a gaggle of plaid clad men, as you may have seen on instagram. Even the ladies were sporting a touch of tartan. As for the pizza, it was delicious. Prawn, rocket and chilli on top and Pepperoni and blue cheese below- 4 mins in the outdoor oven a BAM, you're pigging out!

Looking forward to seeing yours!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Zeph: Busy hands in the early morning light. There you sit creating at the kitchen table amongst the mess and the breakfast dishes.

Pip: Jump, jump, jump. On my bed- a BIG no no. You've been hitting your straps these past few weeks, little pip. Every bit the two year old!

Elke: Darling bear sharing a smile or two. You slept all night last night so we've all been smiling back.

See you later on for the stills linky :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Winter Warm up Giveaway

Over the past couple of months i've been enjoying every good thing that Winter brings - cake, pure linen, fluffy woollens and fabulous fritters. It feels only fair that a little bit of Winter lovin' goes back to you, my tolerant friends.

So please do enter this yummy giveaway (worth over $950) filled with some of my favourite winter treasures.

1. Stag Clock by She Loves Ribbons - A wonderful wooden wall clock made from sustainable bamboo comes complete with quartz movement and is ready to hang. Perfect for wasting away the hours while the fire burns and the children sleep (in my wildest dreams) RRP $60

2. Hand Poured Candle by White Horse Home - If you're going to burn a candle, it must be one poured by White Horse Home. Easily my favourite scented candles ever and with 80 hours of burn time, the love just keeps on coming. RRP 49.95

3. Suburban Typographic Print by Burbia - Proud of your home? Then you need some Burbia Art in it. This print will have you reliving every childhood memory as your eyes wander from place to place. If you've got the time, do go and visit Greg and read his fabulous descriptions for each locale, they're pretty entertaining. $49.95

4/5. Cozy Moose and Tea Time prints by Jenim - Every winter needs a little colour and these prints will be the prefect addition to any dreary day. Digitally printed onto premium quality card stock. RRP $60

6. Waterball Scarf  by Beautiful Life Industries - A symphony of blues & golds, this crisp silk-cotton scarf adds the perfect touch of luxury to your wardrobe. Show off the full beauty of this kaleidoscopic pattern by wearing sarong-style at the beach. RRP $69.00

7. White Tea Set by Bockers and Pony - no winter is complete without copious cups of tea. Have yours in style with this harmonious tea set with stainless steel lid. RRP $69.95

8/9. Cloud Brooch and Cloud Art by Pili Pala - Now here are a couple of true treasures for you. This darling cloud brooch is  made from Tasmanian blackwood and features a unique section of delicate japanese paper. While the Cloud Art is perfect to hang on the wall alone or in a cluster amongst your favourite photos and a vase full of flowers.  The pattern in this cloud is derived from a vintage painting by a famous Japanese artist in the late 1800's.  RRP: $78.00

10. Home Heart Map by May and Belle - Such a beautiful print to have at the entrance of your home marking that spot which holds a special place in your heart! This sweet map print is perfect for your own home or as a house warming gift. RRP $49.95

11. Soho Wool Throw by Fawn and Fox - Add a little understated Manhattan luxury to your home with this Soho throw. Made from 100% pure wool and finished with a whipstitch edge, the perfect accompaniment to your winter evenings. RRP $165

12/13.  Jacqueline Evans Skin careThis refreshing Argan & Rosehip Moisturising Cream inspires and invigorates, while the active ingredients hydrate and soften your skin. Help fight signs of ageing with Centella oil, an important rejuvenating agent, while Alpha Linolenic acid and other essential fatty acids assist lubrication. Vitamins and rich herbals also aid antioxidant activity and soften and rehydrate dry skin. Suited to dry skin types.  Argan and Rosehip Seed provide a powerful combination that lifts, tones, repairs and regenerates skin. Neroli, Sandalwood and Frankincense stimulate cellular activity and growth. Suitable for all skin types. RRP $98.00

14. Minky Blanket by Minimink - The minimink blanket is a little bigger than the rug/wrap/throw and is perfect for all ages from toddler to 99 years! Use as a throw for the end of the bed or for the sofa or in the car. We have one of these for young Elke bear and adore it, it's super soft and super thick and often finds its way onto my lap in the evenings. RRP $110

15.  Aqua Cake Stand by The Teeny Rabbit - This beautiful antique style cake stand with glass dome is the perfect house for your winter treats. RRP $49.95

BONUS - The winner will also receive a $100 gift voucher to spend at Down That Little Lane

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ethical Fashion - Style & Story*


My interest in Ethical Fashion was reignited a couple of months ago when I made contact with Carlie from Indigo Bazaar. Carlie runs an on line store that exclusively sells items with 'Style & Story'. She is committed to providing an alternative to the mainstream without sacrificing great style. Her belief that Fashion really can be ethical and sustainable has lead her to develop a well curated collection of organic cotton, hand made and ethically produced treasures.

I've really valued my conversations with Carlie and her willingness to share her vision and passion with me over many an email. Mostly, I've loved her measured approach to the way the western world consumes fashion and the way it is produced in developing nations.

I asked Carlie if she would be willing to share some of her vision with us here at The Beetle Shack.


April 2008 was the month I stumbled upon a realisation that took hold of my passion, creativity and inspiration. At 5000m above sea level, on a trek in the Nepal Himalaya's I knew I was going to take the path less travelled and create an ethical fashion business one day. Fast forward to 2013 and Indigo Bazaar has become a reality and is celebrating it's 1st birthday this month.

So what is ethical fashion I hear you ask? Well, let me first remove the word ethical (which is really the industy term that is less than stylish) and replace the word with fashion that has style and story.

All the clothing we buy at Indigo Bazaar has a story,  the main different with ethical fashion is it's focus on creating empowering stories for the garment workers, giving them sustainable livelihoods, safe working conditions and allowing them to build a future and provide for their families. I guess you could say it's going back to the good ol days of fashion, where things were made well and made to last. Where people earnt a living wage for a good days work, and worked in safe working conditions. 

Unfortunately somewhere through the era's of fashion, the industry took a very sharp turn for the worst, and the demand for cheap fast clothing has created a fashion monster. Few industries in the world touch as many lives as the garment industry, so it is something we do need to educate ourselves on, ask questions at our local retailers and create a connection again with our clothing.

Ethical fashion also encompasses the use of sustainable fabrics and natural fibres such as organic cottons, silks, hemp - which is not so hippy anymore:-) - and dying techniques which no longer contain Azo's and formaldehyde chemicals. 

For a designer to take the ethical and sustainable fashion path it's certainly a challenging decision, which requires complete transparency from seed to finished garment and all the pieces that make up the supply chain inbetween. However there is nothing more rewarding than knowing your creating industry, happiness, health and a sustainable future for the people behind the manufacture and helping protect our planet. 

I get so excited when I stumble upon new brands for Indigo Bazaar. Seeing images of people happily working away in workshops, earning award wages or more, where they can have their children minded, take a break and have a life outside of their work. Normal kinda stuff really. I stock a beautiful brand called Near Far which is manufactured in Sierra Leone. Steph Hogg who is the English designer behind this brand, grew up in Sierra Leone because of her fathers work and wanted to provide a place for local tailors to gain their independence again and sustain a living after the ravages of war.

The New Zealand brand, Kowtow has built their brand on the belief that no one would buy fashion armed with the knowledge that it was produced in a slave trade economy, this has inspired them to give people the buying power and choice to choose clothing that is ethically made using certified organic cotton.

Athinaeum is also a beautiful label using Guatemalan antique hand woven textiles from traditional dress. Made using local, traditional workmanship and combining it with the highest quality Guatemalan leathers to create a range of one-off art pieces that will be handed down for generations.  Their Grande Maletta is the perfect baby bag!

My mission is to bring back the value in fashion, and create an emotion behind fashion shopping. Buying a top for me now, isn't just buying a's buying food, shelter, education, health, quality of life and, importantly, often sustaining a beautiful traditional craft that mass manufacture is sadly destroying.

Things will start to change for the better in this industry, they have to, because they cannot possibly get any worse. The designers I work with are changing the face of the fashion industry, and it excites me to the core. For now though, while many of us fighting the ethical fashion battle feel out on a limb, misunderstood and/or tree huggers we can never remove what we know goes on behind  many of the garment factory doors used by major retailers. Because clothing has no beauty if it causes the heartache, pain and tragedy of 1000's of peoples lives.


Thank you SO much Carlie. Your ideas have certainly ignited a renewed interest in the bigger picture for me.

Next up we'll take a look at organic cotton!

*this is not a sponsored post. I asked Carlie if she would share her approach to ethical fashion. She has  done so in the post above and in the way she deemed appropriate. Neither party paid the other for this post.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wearing: Pattern and Colour

I've been giving this dusendusen* dress an absolute flogging lately. It's short sleeves and mid weight fabric make it the perfect item for layering while the busy pattern means all sorts of baby vomit and boogers are easily disguised. Sounds like fashion heaven to me.


Jacket | Levis (find similar)
Dress | dusendusen
Scarf | Sportsgirl (find similar)
Necklace c|o Harper and Hudson
Ring | made with Fimo by moi :)
Boots | Sole Society (find similar)

p.s Stay tuned for a fabulous wooly giveaway later on in the day :)

Same day last year.

*Tell me I don't need this fruit salad dress, seriously. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If there is one thing that the cold weather makes me crave it's a super hot cup of tea, and what's a hot cup of tea without cake, right?

On the weekend (as part of my tantrum) I pottered* around the living room, tidied up, vacuumed and placed my succulents into rustic glass domes. I dusted the sofa table, shuffled some artworks and plugged in our new lamp. A place for everything and everything in it's place**.

With the cleaning frenzy behind me, I went outside and apologised to Dave for being a lunatic. We embraced and he promised to make a cake for us to enjoy later. 

He baked a delicious banana cake complete with cream cheese icing and toasted almonds which was perfect as I'd been hoping to fill my new cake plate with something scrumptious ever since carting it at Target a few days earlier. While the kids were in bed he and I cosied up on the lounge, lit a scented candle, poured a hot cup of tea and devoured a mammoth slice of cake in absolute silence.

It was the blissness***. 



***moments after the kids emerged from their rooms the house returned to chaos and the pretty scene above was destroyed, naturally.

Tea cups, glass cake plate and dome, lamp, bike tote and scented candle are all from Target. This post is sponsored by Target.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Shouty Housewife and The Weekend Dilemma

 a pretty sample of knits waiting for hand washing

I have a confession, I'm a shouty house wife. No matter how hard I try to be gentle and demure it's just not me. And when it comes to the weekends I go into overdrive.


Well, you know, here's an opportunity for me to relax and enjoy my family so why not sabotage it?

Each weekend, often on a sunday morning I find myself in the usual predicament - stressed about the state of the house.

During the week I spend a good portion of each day tidying up. I wipe up after breakfast and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I cut a plate of fresh fruit for morning tea then wipe up and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I make the kids Vegemite sandwiches for lunch then wipe up and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

My days are punctuated by spray and wipe sessions and you know, it's kind of got a nice rhythm about it. It's work and i'm okay with that.

 Yet on a subconscious level I expect the weekends to be different. I secretly think that maybe someone else will sort the washing and wipe the wee from the toilet seat and the floor. So when I leave my coffee cup next to the bed, my breakfast plate on the table and my pj's next to the shower, It's with a jolt of surprise that I find them still sitting there waiting for me.

What? Don't they know it's the weekend?

It would appear not.

And you know, that really offends me.

 Doesn't my home know that I care little for being it's slave? I'm a real human with interests and needs and a brain* and I truly don't want to spend my entire weekend with the kitchen sponge. I really don't.

So what do I do when all the cleaning and tidying and wiping gets too much?

I get shouty.

And argumentative.

And sullen.

It's not pretty.

This weekend when Dave asked me where we should plant out new fruit tress I shouted 'I don't care, plant them wherever you want!' before storming back inside armed with my spray and wipe.

When he enquired about the placement of the cauliflowers he intended to place in the veg garden, my response was the same.

It wasn't until I found myself alone on the back deck bringing in one load of washing and hanging out another, cursing the sunshine, the weekend and everything good in the world that I snapped out of it.

There my children were with snot on their faces and dirt stuck to the snot, playing happily in the garden with their father. Oblivious to my nasty mood they carried on contentedly, indulging Dave on the placement of above mentioned plants.

And there I was, pegging out the washing ALONE and missing out on all the fun.

Not cool.

I promptly put on my gumboots and joined the more balanced, carefree members of my family.

Next weekend, I'll join them sooner.

Tell me, are you driven into a shouty rage by the weekend filth? Does your house work pile up when everyone is at home? Tell me i'm not the only nut case on the planet.

*all be it small

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. Gosh I love me a freshly made bed, especially if it's covered in spots! It would appear that Pip is partial to the polka dot herself, when this quilt is on she won't allow ANY blanket to cover the colour party.

2. The Onesie Bunch. I think Dave and I need some all-in-ones too!

3. Sleeping in her cot at the end of the hall.

4. Broccoli.

5. Watering in the new fruit tress.

Please excuse the nasty grainy photos. I've been lazy with the camera of late. My arms are always filled with children leaving very little time to take photo's of them and even less to faff about with settings. But seriously, look at those kids - so delicious.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Zeph: You've been been spending plenty of time in the magnolia of late. Climbing it's branches and dreaming (aloud, as always) of the day you will be able to climb onto the roof from it's limbs. I hope that day never comes, roofs are slippery and dangerous, you know.

Pip: Swinging on the new swing set, willing Zeph to go higher and higher until he does and then you squeal with fear and demand he stop.

Elke: A rare moment of solitude. I'm sure you didn't know quite what to do with yourself - you're always happiest with your siblings close by.

See you later for the stills collection friends.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Amy and Nicole, my mermaid sisters.

To have a sister is a wonderful thing. I know- because I have one*. I got her when I was 19 and married my darling husband Dave.

Amy was 15 or 16 at the time, her wavy hair was long, blond and usually tangled, fitting of the surf rat lifestyle she led. She was creative, talented, fiery and passionate, not one to mince her words or back down on her convictions.

She carries those same admirable traits with her to this very day, though her hair is more often brushed than not.

Amy and I have been part of the same family for almost 11 years now and during that time we have enjoyed every good thing that sisterhood has to offer - long conversations about life and love, champagne and dancing, shoe sharing and wardrobe trading.

Seven years ago I stood next to Ames as she said 'I do' and in about three months from now, Amy and I will stand beside Nicole as she is bound by marriage and tied to this crazy bunch.

Come September, Amy and I will have locked in another sister! A true keeper with her own tangled blond locks and surfing tendencies.

For the rest of our lives we'll have a lady team - a gaggle to share 'in' jokes with and a couple of shoulders to cry on.

For me, that's a whole lot of awesome.

Do you have sisters? Are you close?

*I actually have two now as my brother recently married his beautiful bride.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wearing: At The Orchard*

I seem to be wearing a bit of a uniform these days- it's either jeans and a loose button down shirt teamed with my favourite denim jacket or thick tights and a loose fitting dress, still teamed with that daggy denim jacket. The dress in this post is actually a cheap night shirt (the same as the one i'm wearing here at a top).


Dress | Anthropologie (it's actually a nightie)
Jacket | Levis (find similar)
Tights | Forever New (find similar but more fun)
Boots | Sole Society (find similar)
Beanie c|o Sourpuss Knits

*or orchid, you know, whatevs.

Same day last year