Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection {the life's too busy edition}

You know, sometimes life is a whirlwind. Well, my life is a whirlwind and I suspect yours is too. This week I've had fun with the kids, got behind on the washing and accomplished my greatest achievement in solo parenting thus far- groceries at Aldi with 3 kids (whoy, that was NUTS). But alas, my camera lay dormant.

So here are my stills- all two of them.

1. New art for Elke's room by the ever talented Lauren Merrick (currently on sale for $20)

2. A truly touching gift from this beautiful lady. I actually shed a tear unwrapping each handmade parcel - obviously made with time, love and care. THANK YOU SARE!!

Okay, I hope you've done a better job than I have!

See you tomorrow. I'm off to enjoy my nightly cup of tea and piece of dark chocolate.


  1. I know exactly how you feel Em! Minus the 2 extra babes of course... All I can say at this very moment is Thank God for school holidays! I love this part about my job as a teacher :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I received my package from Lauren this week too! I'm working out where to hang my gorgeous print! Thank You again for your lovely giveaway and for introducing us all to the lovely Lauren.

  2. I totally know where you are coming from! I have three too - (9 months, four and five years)- and these stills come around so quickly! I have managed to get a few this week though, mainly from the weekend. Well done on the solo parenting front - you are doing great! x

  3. I think 2 shots is pretty good - I don't remember much camera time when my 3rd was little!
    Love the print

  4. Gorgeous print, Em!
    Ah yes, whirlwind. I'm looking forward to butter chicken tonight, that's all I'm saying. :)
    Ronnie xo

  5. Good for you to get the groceries done with all 3- an amazing achievement!

  6. Know all about the whirlwind! ;) Love the balloon!!!

  7. Love the two pics you managed....some weeks are certainly like that. xxxx

  8. Oh Em, you've done much much better than me! I don't have 3 kidlets to look after and I still didn't manage to get my big camera out - my back is fudged and all I could do was rely on some Instagrams this time! The shots you've got are lovely x

  9. love air ballons! I'm sure that candle smells amazing!

  10. If you stop at one peice of dark chocolate you are a better woman then me. X

  11. a piece? oh lord, my hips would be much more at peace at yours. try the nightly bar. love those gifts. what a blessing friends are. xx

  12. Can you please tell me where you got your gold bee decals?! Thankyou!

    1. I got the decals custom made by look sugar but they have since added them to their listings and can be bought here

      :) x em

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