Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Weekend Wanderings

Long weekends are magic, aren't they? For some reason they effortlessly induce relaxation and additional coffee consumption.

On Sunday we visited a little sea side market to drink hot chi and listen to our friends play folky French inspired tunes. We sat on carpets in the sun while the children were transformed into roaring leopards before having very public and semi violent rumbles. They played chasing with our favourite Lauren and gobbled up home made ice creams.

We returned home with three sleeping children in the back seat - the first and probably last time that will ever happen.

Tonight Dave and I shall eat soft cheeses, sip a tiny glass of good red wine and finish it off with rich dark chocolate. I'd say we'll be in bed before nine.

You know what, I'm claiming long weekend victory.

Here's to a filthy kitchen and a happy life!


  1. Love it! Pictures are great. Our weekends are the opposite of every one elses' I think. My husband works Saturday through Monday and we're off Tuesday through Friday. So, while everyone slaves through the week we would like it to slow down.

    1. oh i'd like that! Less people to socialise with! My kind of weekend!

      xo em

  2. sounds like a delightful weekend! we had a very public semi-violent stampeding at Spotlight. somehow doesn't sound as lovely as in an open park with French folky music! Lovely! xx

  3. Pippi's face! So happy and such a big girl face too. What beautiful weather you have had.

  4. what an amazing weekend - thank you for sharing your images are magical x

  5. Long weekends are the best. We had the nicest time. Look how much fun your two are having. Happy short week to you!

  6. Ahhh perfecto Em! Beautiful photos, they just radiate so much love and warmth and made me smile very widely. Hope you're going well lovely lady xoxo


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em