Monday, June 17, 2013

Each Morning - Holiday Rhythms {and what tomorrow brings}

The past six weeks have been wonderfully eventful here at The Beetle Shack. Most notably, we've had a baby - a sweet little lady all wrapped in pink. She is smoochy and cuddly and cries just as much as you would expect from a new born. She sleeps intermittently and offers up smiles like diamonds.

Little Elke is the precise reason our days have been so love filled of late. For it is she that ensured Dave had over a month off work after her birth*. Six long, blissful weeks of togetherness.

Having a c section meant no driving, no heavy lifting (like toddlers) and absolutely NO cooking for six weeks. Okay, so I made that last one up but i'm claiming it anyway. So while having Dave home was rather luxurious, it was also a necessity.

Our days were intentionally slow and sometimes I failed to get out of bed before nine. A true treat that I hadn't been afforded for years. A treat only made possible by Dave.

You see, Dave in not a idle man. He is highly motivated and loves a good project. Over the past few years he has turned out front yard into vegie gardens, built me a studio, constructed a cracking wood fired pizza oven, assisted in landscaping the back yard and now he, along with the help of the children, he is building a HUGE raised vegetable bed on one of the lower levels of our block.

Each morning since Elke has been around, Dave has taken kids and their bergies down the back to work on the patch. Together they prepared the space, raised the logs and filled it up.

It has been so beautiful to see them work together on something for our family, solidifying in our minds that whatever we do, we want to do together. 

If we're working in the garden, the kids are right there covered in mud. If we're cooking, their cute little bottoms are planted on the bench top and if we're sleeping... well then they can be safely tucked into their own beds until the sun is up.


Today, those blissful weeks of holidays ended and tomorrow, instead of taking the children to the garden, Dave will tuck in his shirt and head off to work. It will be the first time i'll have the three kids on my own all day - It's going to be nuts, but i'm ready.

*well her and my inability to birth a baby naturally.


  1. Em, what bliss you have described.
    Thinking of you tomorrow - it will be crazy and awesome all at once, and I have no doubt that you will get through it. You are such a cool mum.
    Ronnie xo

  2. I love how industrious your bunch is Em. Hope you manage through the months ahead without too many tears. Just take comfort in the knowledge the exhaustion will pass and Elke will sleep through in her own good time. Thinking of you with love..xx

  3. What activity! Brilliant! Good luck for tomorrow lovely lady, thinking of you! xx

  4. I think your dave and my sam have a fair bit in common. Love of a good project. Boundless energy. Sexy vacuuming while holding the baby skills. Fancy pants cooking. Tendency to get antsy if surfing privileges withheld. . .

    rachel xo

  5. Always a bummer when the baby holiday ends, it is a wonderful time, but im sure you'll develop your own rhythms of life with the little ones.

  6. looks like a perfect simple time, just enjoying life with a new born and rest of the family, so lucky to have Dave around :)

  7. You have a lovely family! Congrats on the addition. The photos are beautiful. It looks so peaceful (although I'm sure you are quite busy). :)

  8. You look absolutely stunning.

  9. That garden! Is what dreams are made of.

  10. Your family is so divine... you make me want to leave the city and grow a garden with my family too!
    Good luck with all three... just look up to the glorious sunshine if it's feeling overwhelming x

  11. these are such beautiful snapshots, and your garden is so, so gorgeous. i hope to have one someday! but i'm betting robbie will be the one to do all the upkeep…i've no green thumb (or even pinky), unfortunately. i hope you'll be alright managing things with dave back to work…hang in there, missy!

  12. Ahhh so beautiful Em. Having the fellas around is so incredibly blissful most of the time and I must admit after prolonged periods (ie. more than a week or 2) of having Scott home, I go through a little withdrawal when he does go back to work. But it sounds like you have a whole stack of wonderful memories of this very special time. Lovely xoxo

  13. We only got ten days of C-section holiday together. I am so glad you got more.

    ps can't wait ti see what the garden brings

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em