Monday, April 22, 2013

That Magic Moment - Tips from Tim Coulson

One of the most impacting things I learnt at Tim Coulson's 'The Nursery' was the importance of capturing emotion. Tim's all about emotion, just read his blog - it's over flowing with love and beauty.

Yes, we learnt about light and shade, exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. We talked about composition and framing and filing and sorting and archiving too. But mostly, Tim talked about love.

He talked about those magic moments of human connection.

Tangible love that can been felt and seen - rarely staged. The organic meeting of hands, little faces coming together as they gaze upon a common object or the subtle connection of lovers eyes.

Fleeting moments.

With toddlers around the opportunity to capture such magic is vast. They are uninhibited, natural and innocent in every encounter. But with my 'developing' level of skill I often find that the light is wrong, the composition is poor or the subject blurry.

I recently asked Tim to share some of his top tips for photographing our children, this is what he said;

1. An awesome way to get a terrible photo of your kids is to force it. My Mum always taught me that force creates resistance and that's not a nice emotion. Be patient and know that if you missed something special, you're better off being patient and waiting for it to happen again.

2. Get on their level. Show their perspective. It's super important to remember that if you shoot from where you are, you're always going to be shooting from the top down - and that's not the way your kids see the world. Bend those knees and work those squats.

3. Observe, hang back and notice the small things. More often than not, it's the little details in life that are the most beautiful. Getting the shot of your little one standing out the front of school on the first day is hardly as important as your tears and Dad's embrace of assurance. That's what I prefer to shoot, anyway.

Ever since attending The Nursery I've been careful to notice these tender, love filled moments and capture them when I can.

If you're keen to attend a session with Tim, he has just released the dates for his next tour here.

Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks i'll be capturing my toddlers sloppy lips connecting with the fuzzy head of a newborn. I simply can NOT wait for those magic moments!


  1. That photo is absolutely problem is that my kids are both teenage boys and they NEVER have tender moments together :0)

  2. love this! just perfect. and I am sure you cannot wait to photograph your sweet newborn! xo

  3. I have loved your loving photos already, even before you tried to capture emotions. You are on the right track, keep on trucking!

  4. Yes! This is so true and such a good reminder/tip. For me I often get too caught up in taking a "nice photo" than actually capturing the moments that are happening. Silly, Tal. Capture the moments.


  5. Em, look at the little lady's delicate little hands gently prodding at that present. The look of concentration on her face is priceless. A beautifully captured moment - as usual :) Kate x

  6. Oh my goodness, I am so excited that Tim is coming to Adelaide. Fantastic post lovely Em. I can't wait to see the beautiful moments you capture with your newborn, not long now!

  7. I love Tim's approach to photography - that workshop changed my life, seriously!

  8. Your kids are adorable. Perfect photography is when you capture the moment without the kids noticing.

  9. thank you for sharing Tim Coulson's tips!
    i couldn't agree more :)


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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em