Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stills- A Weekly Collection

1. Dave has been on leave since ANZAC day and each and every morning this has been the scene I've enjoyed when I lazily follow the family to the kitchen for my coffee. It's pretty much the same as when he's working- the man is a saint, i tell you.

2. Oh, hello darling! That would be my new washing machine 1 minute in to it's amazing 15 min cycle. It's snugly sitting under the kitchen bench. Naturally, I simply can't find enough stuff to wash and have been stripping beds and washing towels.

3. Bounce

4. Pretty creepers for the front yard. Gotta get some floral around all that veg.

5. I had a major craving for steamed fish. Dave indulged me with this amazing Snapper stuffed with ginger, bay leaves, lemon and spring onions. Roasted potato chips and a garden salad sealed the deal and was followed by about 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Oh mercy, the goodness.

6. Sneak peak of the baby room. I'll blog the rest this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to this week. I hope it's been beautiful :)

Oh and if you missed it, here is my very last 52 post with two portraits!


  1. I bet that fish was oh so good! Can't wait to see the babies room :)

  2. the pictures are beautiful, even the sneek peep at the babies room is beautiful! now did i hear you correctly 15 MINUTES WASH CYCLE! WHAT!!!! IS THAT POSSIBLE? if it is ive got to get me one of those xxxx

  3. That is a gorgeous morning scene, Em! Love the bouncing shot and love a good steamed fish myself. That's it, we're getting some fish this week. Enjoy these last couple of weeks, beautiful lady!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Your little girl is just so gorgeous and I am swooning over her skirt. Fish is my fave too. xxx

  5. im sadly overexcited at the mention of a 15 min wash as well!! tell! x

  6. Um, Pippi in double polka dots, stripes, tutu AND bouncing! AMAZING!

    Looks like a pretty sweet week - florals, 15minute cycle, fish, nursery, hubby & kids! Enjoy these last days, beautiful lady!

    Sar xx

  7. What a lovely hubby you have looking after you:) Yeah for new shiny machines it's amazing how exciting have a new toy is even if it is a washing machine:) Love love your little miss with her joggers and tutu on too cute. Enjoy your week. xx

  8. We recently bought the same washing machine when our old machine broke down - it's so good, isn't it?!

  9. Un-interrupted sleep? Bliss. That man is a keeper! All the best this week. Can't wait to meet bubs! Xx

  10. That photo of Pippi is just sunshine and smiles! Have a lovely week Em and enjoy every minute with your new bub. Melinda x

  11. Stunning light on the trampoline bounce and I love the first family shot as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  12. Great news re: washing machine! Ours carked it a few weeks ago and am loving our new one too. The morning light in your first photo is so lovely. All the best for the next few weeks Em, hope everything goes well for you all xx

  13. Loving that skirt. Ooo.. New washing machine... So looking forward to baby photos!

  14. What a lovely hubby! I can't wait to see the baby's room ... The snippets I've seen are too cute.

  15. Hello! This is my first week linking up, and I just wanted to say thank you for hosting. It's such a fun link-up and I'm so glad I found it!
    I love your pictures--especially number 3 and 4! : ]

  16. that morning shot is so beautiful. how exciting to be meeting your little one so soon xx
    p.s a 15min wash cycle!! awesome!

  17. Beautiful pics! I love pippis tutu I cant wait till my nieces are old enough to wear them hehe! How awesome are quick washes so good! cant wait to see the nursery.

    Steph :)

  18. Is that the samsung front loader? I'm looking at getting that too, would love to know what you think of it. Most importantly is it super loud? (our laundry is right next to the bedrooms) and what size did you get? I can't work out to if I should go the 8kg or 10kg. Thanks so much Em, and good luck with the last few days :)

    1. yes Stacey, it's the 7.5 samsung. It is almost SILENT except when spinning... then it's quite loud. I'm SO in love with it. A few readers recommend it to me and I got it on sale ($579) and delivered by Appliances Online- amazing service. The only thing is... two weeks after i ordered they went on sale for $400 (sad face) and are now back up to $700 i think....

      shop around if you can. I recommend it for sure. 15 min cycle that actually cleans things and a 50 min standard cycle. Hello sexy!


  19. I love our samsung front loader too, so good! All the best Em! xo

  20. Gorgeous images - especially the flowers and the bouncing girl. And the joy of a new washing machine, oh yes, I totally get that. :-) xx

  21. loving that fish. i really love this stills, just pure miracle of the everyday life :)


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