Sunday, April 21, 2013


Zephie - Shark Boy! Zeph has formed an inseparable bond with his Paul and Paula 'shark' hoodie. It was part of a beautiful selection of children's clothing we received as a gift a few weeks ago. I can't speak highly enough of the quality - hand made by a stay at home mum in Melbourne. Exceptional cuts and beautiful, durable fabrics.

Pippi - Oh, still so much a baby and not at all ready for the competition that is to come. In the next couple of weeks there will be one extra person to cuddle and love and the same amount of time to do it in.

Not long till there is a 3rd portrait to include! Eeep!

I totally thought i was going into labour last night when it dawned on me - I'M NOT READY!!!! Today I got  little bit closer to being organised, hung some pictures on the walls in the baby's room (essential) and squished down the maxi pads in my baby bag so I could zip it up.

Let's hope I make it to m c-section date!

See you soon for the Still Collection :)


  1. That hoodie is awesome. And sweet, cuddly Pippi, you will make such a beautiful big sister I am sure. x

  2. Can't wait to see your cute 3rd baby!

  3. ooo my heart just leaped with excitement! beautiful shots xxx

  4. Oh, Zephie is adorable in his shark hoodie! So so excited for your 3rd little to join in the portrait love!

    Sar xx

  5. Loving the shark hoodie - wish I had one! :)

  6. Not long now. Yes, you'll have two babies. So hard to give them all the time they need when they're all wanting you, and you're exhausted. Aah, the joys of motherhood! Beautiful photos of your babies. Can't wait to meet your next one! x

  7. I remember those feelings right before a baby was born...was the other child ready for the changes about to will all be very fine I am sure. xx

  8. Love the hoddie! Not long to go now. Remember to rest and treat your body with love.

  9. Love the shots! She will make an excellent sister:) can't wait to see the portraits of three kids together! Good luck to getting everything ready for big day :)

    Ritz x


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