Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wearing: Spots and Stripes

On long, hard days we often abandon the kitchen in favour of our local Pizza place. Today was one of those days.

After collecting the kids from their Grandparents we headed straight for the beach to eat our weight in slices of margarita. We watched the ocean and followed the seagulls with our eyes as they followed our dinner with theirs.

Thank you for your heartwarming comments on yesterdays post. Today went remarkably well. We met with the new artificial eye maker, he took an impression of the socket and was oh so gentle. I was truly shocked and grateful for how painless it was - for the first time ever. He used a totally different method to the lady I had seen for the past 28 years- a beautiful, fast, (almost) painless method that allowed me to retain my dignity and pretend that I was totally cool with the invasive exercise. It feels good to be seeing someone new - a fresh start with an individual who doesn't know my medical history or me as a crying toddler and teen.

I'm like, so grown up these days. Didn't even cry. Seriously. (did you hear that mum? you must be glowing with pride right now)


Wearing at 33 Weeks

Polka Dot Chambray / Insight
Striped Tee / Sportsgirl
Skirt / Tree of Life
Sunglasses / Sportsgirl
Earrings / MesaDreams

Happy wednesday night friends!


Have a cold beer for me, go on, i'd do it for you.


  1. You look beautifully naughtycal :) so, so glad today's eye work was a better experience. hope you enjoyed that pizza! sarah

  2. I am so glad that today went well for you. It must be such a hard thing to go through again and again. I just went back and read yesterday's post (sorry I missed it yesterday) and wanted to tell you that for a topic that can be painful and difficult for you, you wrote about it so beautifully.

    Looking great too! Not long now :)

  3. So beautiful. Look how long your hair is!! xo

  4. Looking fantastic- great style, and sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon after a tough day!

  5. well yay for you. I'm having a pinot gris in your honour (I know you'd prefer a beer, but hey...) xx

  6. I'm having Bubbles, will that do? Hope your week will be a restful one. xo

  7. Looking gorgeous...glad it went well yesterday for you. Happy end of the week to you. xxx

  8. You look gorgeous.
    I am glad that today went well...and that it is ending with pizza on the beach!

  9. Loving this ensemble! You're a stunner, Em - & an absolute trooper!
    I said a little prayer for you as I rose this morn, & have been thinking about you throughout the day. I'm so happy everything went smoothly.

    I've got a 'one fifty lashes' in hand right now, so this one's for you, lady!

    Sar xx

  10. You look so beautiful and you really radiate joy and happiness, even when you are discussing matters that might not be quite so fun.

  11. Oh em - you are true beautiful, inspirational woman. I cannot imagine what that must feel like to go through. I cry at going to the dentist! (WIMP). I love you even more! xxx

  12. Glad things went well and thank you for sharing your journey with us all. You're gorgeous at 33 weeks!

  13. You're so lovely, Emily. I am glad that you found a new Dr. and that your appt went so well :)

  14. Girl, that is so awesome. You are too beautiful. x

  15. Well done! I'm so happy you found a nice doctor, the gentle ones really do make such a difference! And, that bump ... just divine.

  16. Traci Sparkle DevlinMarch 14, 2013 at 12:30 PM

    You are a brave and beautiful woman. Fact. tx

  17. Spectacular you.
    Your herd of cherubs are lucky to have a mama like you!
    I hope, and am certain,that there are people out there struggling with similar invasive...journeys (hmm? is that right??) you... and I hope they get to read your words. We have experienced scarey medical times in the past 5 years... territory unknown and sharing brings comfort...
    Your story is so worth sharing.

  18. do you know what you just made me burst into tears!! yeah im as surprised as you! i think it's because I am super happy you were OK, I am a mum and can understand that your mum will in fact truly and utterly be bursting with joy, also my daughter has own needs that are not of the ordinary (just like getting an artificial eye made, even it's not that....its the same and totally different) and i know how much i want things to go well for her, and last but not least, we get to know so much about each other through these blogs its like we are friends who simply have never met, when you said it went well, you weren't crying, you didn't feel like you had been punched in the face i simply wanted to hug you! so crying in the UK about your appointment...crazy this blogging but well done, i am so happy xxxxx

  19. I thought about you all day yesterday and wished so much you wouldn't have to endure that pain and invasiveness. I am so happy to hear that the procedure was gentle and pain free! And you look absolutely stunning. Pregnancy looks so delicious on you!!!
    Have a happy day, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

  20. I am so happy to hear it went well, or as well as it could do. Pizza on the beach sounds pretty amazing.

    Love your outfit.

    Gillian x

  21. Sending u a BIG warm hug from over the sea!! Sometimes someone new is all you need!! So happy for u - AND u look lovely!!

  22. looking gorgeous! that sunshine is a healer to my winter eyes!

  23. I just love the outfit you put together. As a pregnant lady myself (39 weeks today...EEK!) I get a bit obsessed with finding others on the WIWW linkup who are pregnant as well.

    Can't wait to learn more about you now that I found you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  24. I just read your previous post and this one and so glad that you found a great person to take care of the procedure! You are so beautiful and so strong - your family must be so proud!! I'l be saying an extra prayer tonight for your comfort and a smooth procedure!
    BTW, love this maxi dress, and somehow I am craving Pizza now!! May be not in my weight, but still..:-)
    and also BTW, dropping in via Pleated Poppy link up! Love your blog - new follower:-)
    Stay in touch!
    Have a wonderful day!
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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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