Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection and A Little Ramble

1. These two snuggle pots
2. Just your average table top mess, crumbs included- naturally.
3. Collecting treasures for the little girls room (this one was wrapped so beautifully from Studio Meez)
4. Just your average paint on the crisp white chairs post craft session.
5. Oh yes I did apply more polka dots to my home. I'll show you the results this week.
6. Sunshine on bed linen. I will never tire of it.
7. Fancy Dave and his fancy lasagna.

This week rolled by a little more peacefully than the last. Mum and Dad have been endlessly selfless even with mum's arm issues, which are slowly improving. They have provided me with extra help every time I've needed it, done many loads of washing and not allowed me to feel a single ounce of guilt about it.

I've managed to find quiet moments to reflect and be grateful. Being pregnant is hard work and this stage of life is absolutely littered with exhaustion but it is also overwhelmingly joyful and fulfilment/ contentment is it's reward. Even if my complexion is poorer for it.

Happy March, my friends! May this month bring you cooler days and find you with the duvet pulled up under your chin, because that's the best way to sleep.

I have so many exciting things happening in this dorky space this month and can't wait to tell you a little bit about it tomorrow.

Until then, it's chocolate and pineapple juice (ohmygoodnesspineapplejuice)

over and out.

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  1. Look at your two having a snuggle, aww too cute. I do love seeing lots of craft going on with little ones, it's always makes me smile seeing what gets created. And Dave's lasagna looks pretty delicious. Glad to hear your week was a better one, you sound like you have such wonderfully supportive parents. Have a wonderful week Em. xx

  2. I'm loving all these bright colours in your stills this week, Em xx

  3. i adore that bed linen and your 2 snuggle monsters are so cute against the clowns. We have just had Spring arrive here in the UK after months of torrential rain, snow and freezing temperatures, we are all dancing a happy dance for the warmth whilst you are looking forward to cool, isn't that odd! i am so glad your mum and dad are close enough to take the strain away for a little while and that you have found some quiet this week, you are growing a new person, you really need it! love as always and happy march xxxxxx

  4. I'm loving this glimpse into your week, Em - even though it's been a tough one, your captures are stunning! That top image is gorgeous, soooo very sweet. I can't wait to see what you've done with those polka dots! We're having a pretty fancy lasanga for dins tonight too, but Dave's looks A-MAZING! Perhaps time for another one of Dave's recipes? Please!

    I'm glad to hear your mum is healing. You folks are absolute champs, though you deserve it, you know, with all that baby-baking you've got going on! Sending light and love your way, lady!

    Sar xx

  5. That first photo is utterly precious, and Dave's fancy lasagne is making me hungry!

    I'm so glad for your sake that you have such wonderful parents who are able and willing to help you out. Grandparents are truly a blessing, especially ones who love so unconditionally and who live close by. I'm not sure how I would cope without our four parents!

    This stage of pregnancy truly is exhausting. I get to the evenings and I feel like my entire body has been run over. Only two or so more months to go now Em... we can do this!!!! (YES WE CAN.)

    Ronnie xo

  6. Such amazing colours. Everything here in Nthn NSW is vibrant green and grey... I think I need to inject more colour into my life this week. I am glad you have such wonderful, giving parents.... much love xx
    p.s the top pic is so beautiful!

  7. oh look at those two snuggled up together in the first shot! lovely stills. have a great week ahead Em x

  8. I craved pineapple juice my entire pregnancy with Ronan! Love that first pic. Xx

  9. Yes please to some of that fancy lasagne...right now. What a precious moment to catch with your beloved and your wee girl. Yay to lovely Mum's and Dad's. Go gently lovely Em :) x

  10. Fancy lasagna looks goooood (Fancy Dave, please share your fancy recipe!) Loving the colours of those dots too, looking forward to seeing what you've done with them! Your parents sound brilliant and wonderfully lovely.x

  11. love that first pic, such precious moments. Enjoy that pineapple juice! So good to hear you have amazing folks so ready to lend a helping hand. My parents often do similar and i can never thank them enough.

  12. Oh so much beauty. So much love and so many beautiful captured moments. Really lovely.

  13. That dinner looks perfectly yummy...especially if made by someone so sweet....can't wait to see where the polka dots have gone too. xxx

  14. that first picture is too sweet. i too love taking pictures of my husband sleeping with Lily. i'm happy to hear that you are receiving some much needed help from family. it must be wonderful to have them near by. happy week!

  15. this photos are lovely! looks like a good life :)

  16. My two year old son loved the clown pillow!

  17. I am so excited for you on your countdown to 3!
    Today we had a pupil free school day so I took mr 5, mr 3 (4 tomorrow) and mr 1 going on 15 to the pool....alone.
    I thought of you because it was a logisitical nightmare,
    but so worth it and everyone survived!
    We were a circus and I felt like many were "hovering" to help ...

    But best of all, is the little boost you get from strangers when you present with 3!
    Those moments of wonder and amazement, small comments and shared memories with the elderly as they openly reminisce about "being one of 12" or "youngest of 8"...
    Joy to you Em!

  18. Oh my goodness, look at those two sleeping beauties, so sweet!!

    Hope you have a good week gorgeous. xo

  19. Love the cushions. The whole time I was pregnant with Jarvis, every morning on the was to work I would have to get a pineapple, orange, watermelon and ginger juice. It stopped the nausea and I craved the fruit.

  20. gorgeous images Em! Oh you must be feeling the end is near now...pregnant and hot weather surely isn't nice, but hoping March will bring you some cool reprieve! I'm so keen to see what you've done with those wonderful polka dots! xx

  21. That snugglepots pic is gorgeous Em and Studio Meez - did you get an apple??!! xx

  22. wow, i cannot wait to see where those polka dots are going and just what they are! yes, let your family and friends pamper you while they want to, remember that people love feeling being helpful! beautiful pictures this week, i linked up for the first time!! have a wonderful week!

  23. Oh, so happy to see it arrived!
    That lasagna looks delicious!

  24. Sunshine on bed linen, you've captured it beautifully- and a gorgeous clown pillow. Lovely photos from your week.

  25. just linked my weekly collection to your lovely blog! and a new GFC follower (i'm following you in private since a while. so you're already in your 32nd week! i'm still in my 19th and i'm looking forward to see his/her sweet face!


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