Monday, March 4, 2013

Party on Down

As promised, here is the mood board for little Pippi's room. It was created by our feature Artist, the masterful Jacinda of Hide & Sleep fame and is filled with bright, fruity items that will fit seamlessly into the Beetle Shack.

Actioning this room makeover is just one of the many exciting things on the agenda for this month.

March shall be all about the kids (and my 30th Birthday)! A month filled with exciting guest posts, tutorials, giveaways and features.

You can expect to enjoy visits from authorsstylists, fellow bloggers and of course the (ehum) regular gardening post from my ever amazing husband. Naturally, there will be the usual drivel from me plus a plethora of fun ideas for your home, yourself and your children.

The month will end with a very exciting giveaway including many of the products you can see above :)

Product details from top left to right
play tent by Such Great Hights  // felt artworks by Empire Lane // paper animals by Little Frenchy // wall sticker  by Jimmy Cricket// cushions by Lumiere// bed by Incy Interiors // floor mat  by Kith and Co // ottoman by Kith and Co // knitted stanley  by Little Pie Street// side table by Family Love Tree // kantha by Fossik// pillow slip by Lumiere


  1. I love it all, I am halfway through my second pregnancy and this makes me excited to start decorating a nursery and re-decorating my daughters room!

  2. I love the bright colours, so happy x

  3. Wow, all the colour is glorious. Can't wait to see the finished space, what a lucky girl she will be. mel x

  4. What a lucky wee girl Pippi is. Cant wait to see the photos when finished. x

  5. It's all so lovely - I have those little paper animals & I'm 21 haha. Looking forward to the month of March on your blog, sounds like it's going to be great :)


  6. Love it all! Especially the heart garland and tent xx

  7. Wowsa! So she designed the mood board for Pippi...does this mean you get to keep it all! (if so, major jellyarse! ) hehehehe LOVE it ALL! Love that you are doing a giveaway featuring this stuff!

  8. I need that kantha quilt!
    I would outfit my entire house in kantha if I could!
    Glad to see Pippi will be incorporating it into her room!

  9. Gah! This is more divine then I could have imagined. That teepee is amazing. Would love one like it in my yard to hide from everyone for a while! Xx

  10. happy happy fruitiness. love it. love the drivel. bring on march! ;)sarah

  11. Oh my Giddy Aunt - a yellow bed! I'm excited :)


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