Thursday, February 7, 2013

Never Again {the small things}

The other evening I found myself in the kitchen making the regular 'left overs' pie when the lady baby followed me in. Conversation commenced and I enjoyed sporadic laughter as Pippi attempted to repeat a sentence after me. Her pronunciation was so intentional - slow and methodical yet so far from being 'adult' correct.

Laughter came easily and mundane time passed quickly.

It occurred to me that at no other time in my life will both exhaustion and pure joy come with such overlapping frequency.

Mothering young children is unspeakably exhausting but even more so, it is outrageously joy filled.

Those fleeting yet frequent moments where the cup is squashed down and overflowing with love. Sweet, unconditional love. The love that absolutely gets us through the more difficult moments.

I'm choosing to freeze this time for a while. Before things get more crazy (and lovely) with the birth of a new baby. I'm taking extra seconds, even minutes if I can spare them, to enjoy the small things like chubby elbows (theirs, not mine) and a noticeable inability to pronounce the letter 'L'.

other small things I plan to enjoy

*The way Zeph approaches me with speed and vigour only to slow down, wrap his arms around my legs and say 'i just love you mum'

*The way Pippi snuggles right into my chest when she wakes from her day time sleep

*When Zeph kisses my baby bump before announcing 'wowwwww mum, I think that baby is about ready to pop out'

*When they both hop up into Dave's and my bed and pull the covers right up to their chins, giggling with glee and pretending they're sleeping

*The laughter and squeals that emerge from secret hiding spots when we are playing 'hide and seek'

*Making train tracks, duplo towers and fire stations on the carpet of the lounge room, all four of us together

*The joy they get from 'treats' like a glass of milk with a pinch of drinking chocolate or freshly popped pop corn on a picnic blanket in the shade

*All of the new learning, the why's and the how's and the listening to the answers, like I acatually know what i'm talking about

Can you share with me some of your favourite 'small things' that make you stop and smile, even on a crap day?


  1. I hear you. I wrote a post just yesterday on this very same thing.

    1. heart. I loved Beetle Shack Post. & yours as well. xxoo

  2. I am doing this weekly now on my blog, I started a linky a little over a month ago. Remembering the simple things that make us smile is important.

  3. Beautiful Em.
    * Being kissed and told I love so many times a day
    * Kissing them goodnight when they are fast asleep, staying there in the dark watching them sleep
    * Their happy faces when they run out of class at the end of a school day
    * cuddles on the sofa
    * Infectious giggles at bathtime
    * Rufus telling me all about the solar system - wow that blew my mind!

    so much more! xx

  4. That silly laughter at moments when I could cry. The way she says "don't worry mama" when I look bothered. Dance parties where we all get to wear fairy wings and click clack shoes. Holding a two week old in my arms and noticing all the details of her. The little things are really the big things. Love this post (and squishy elbows!) xx Ashley

  5. Leo is pretty obsessed with trucks. Small problem... he says "f" instead of "t". SO... despite myself, I'm often giggling like a school girl. So juvenile, but there you go.

    1. I hear you, My Leo, loves trucks, but it comes out like c*ck! Hilarious ;)

  6. My little guy is into all things super hero. This morning he told me that I was his hero. I wanted to cry. Love him. xo

  7. Watching Remy tuck into a nectarine and only coming up for air when he reaches the seed, watching Bijou dance to Delta Goodrem (tragic yet oh so lovely), the word An-a-bulance...the word com-poop-la (computer)...the word "magnificent" to all and sundry that she deems great, nudie runs down the hall, his dog noise...his elephant noise...well, all his animal noises, how they play together in silence with their heads just touching....I could go on all evening. So lovely to stop and think of all these things. Thanks for sharing lovely Em x

  8. Your time with your little ones sounds so lovely. I can't wait for my bub to start chatting away.
    I am loving he enjoys playing the clown, he puts on any hat he can find and runs around the house laughing and play falling down to make us laugh too

  9. I love the hide and seek laughing...the curtain in our bedroom are especially giggly!

    These sorts of posts are my favourite to read...and to write!

  10. My daughter said to me today... "Mum you're so beautiful!" Came at exactly the right moment :) I'm feeling like the size of a house and with those little words she made me smile and think to myself - You know what... I am :) I love my girl...

    Sophie xo

  11. Those cuddles that have an extra squeeze. Unexpected kisses. Holding hands. The way they laugh back when I laugh - they have no idea what I'm laughing at; they just love that I'm laughing with them. Little tongues poking out in concentration. 'Bemembering'. The way they have no real understanding of time and use 'yesterday', 'bsmorning', 'last night', 'last week', and 'last year' interchangeably. Oh, thank you Em! I have a grin from ear to ear thinking of all these beautiful things. Jen

    1. yes. so sweet! aren't you so glad she prompted this sharing?xxoo

  12. I got lost in all these heart loving moments of all these sweet mamas who so love those squishy achey moments! Sometimes it feels like as a mom, those tiny moments slip away too fast! Sometimes it is a million times over I wish I could go back and capture those fairy light moments in a bottle forever. THANK YOU Beetle Shack for sharing and THANK YOU to all these Mamas who have made my morning as well. PS Just last night my youngest kept saying "fink" instead of "think" He is working hard on his "th" sound but it makes me smile a little inside at his baby ways of using his "f" sound instead of "th". xxoo

  13. First off, I just want to say I love your blog! You speak with such prose and it's beautiful.
    I don't have kids yet. My husband and I have been trying for about 6 months. I'm staying optimistic because, honestly, what else is there to do? Most of the time I spend hours and hours a day doing research on getting pregnant or just window shopping online for all of the things I want to buy for my future baby, and I don't realize what a fantastic thing I have right here and right now. My husband is so absolutely fantastic and I honestly love all of the time we get to spend together. Yesterday, even though I was feeling a little under the weather, I went to watch him play in a soccer game with some of his friends. Every time the clock would stop he would look and wink at me or blow me a kiss. He would come over and kiss my forehead and kneel in front of me and ask sincerely how I was feeling. I am so blessed in our relationship and I can't believe it took me so long to open my eyes to that. So that's my small thing that's keeping me smiling right now :)

  14. beautiful! love those little moments, just a smile and a stare from my baby make my day :)

  15. Things I'm loving:

    The tightest hugs that come from my almost 5 year old at school pickup. His passion for Star Wars is endearing, as is his insistence that I no longer be called Mum, but Princess Leia instead!

    Watching my almost 2 year old trying to wink.He also likes to honk everyones noses, and the way he yells Grandpa everytime a motorbike zooms past our house!


  16. I would have to say my favourite thing at the moment is Jarvis 'performing'. He will stand in front of one of his Dad's guitars ( they are all upright on guitar stands) he will strum the stings and his heart out. Watching Jarvis's naked little butt boogie is the funniest cutest thing. Then he will turn to us and clap. My son the performer.

  17. Always, always the smell of my children's hair. x

  18. Hello! Oh....I just want to say thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a thoughtful comment so that I could find my way to you. There are so many things I love about your blog and I am thrilled to have found you. It will be my pleasure following along with you. xo

    I love when one of my boys asked me if I want to watch a show with them. We don't even need to talk, I just love sitting next to them.

  19. A crap week/day, our oldest boy very sick, blood tests, hospital and now waiting for results, but then dad caught number 2 picking his nose and outcomes...

    You cant pull a chic if you nose pick...sonny!


  20. I love this Em, I really do. It is precisely how I feel about this time in my life too. Exhausting, mind-numbing... much of the time... but so so beautiful and rewarding too. One small thing that makes me smile would have to be the bedtime ritual of books, snuggles, sleep... in that order, every night... LOVE that time of day. You're an exceptional Mama, sweetheart xo

  21. loving your new header!
    exhaustion is a powerful feeling and yet so is happiness :)
    have a beautiful week-end!

  22. Oh em, how this resonates with me right now! I'm so excited about the arrival of number 2 and seeing the 'big girl' move into her role as a big sister, and yet a little sad about losing that one on one time I've had with her for almost four years! I suppose I'm kind of grateful that things didn't go according to our plans and I've had that bit if extra time to spend with her. The Lord knows what he's dong, maybe she needed it :)

    At the moment I love how Riley wakes up every morning and says 'Good morning mummy, good morning baby!'. And then proceeds to respond to her good morning in a very high pitched voice and giving voice to the baby and all the things it can't say yet ;p

  23. Such delightful moments! remeniscent of "1000 Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are" by Ann VosKamp. My small moment today was loving my husbands hair curling over his forehead as he laughed with me on the beach. Thank you for a lovely post. :)

  24. when my kids put their undies on their heads as hats, my five year old affectionately climbing on my back (doesn't always bring joy, but I know its her way of showing affection), my two year old acting like a puppy, them asking for a cuddle or a snuggle, them spontaneously grabbing and holding my hand...all of these fill my cup when it is tipped over and spilled all over the floor. THanks for the lovely reminder
    loads of love,


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