Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wearing: To My Brothers Wedding

 31 Weeks.

Crazy. Town.

This is what I wore to my brothers surprise wedding. Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago but I'm bringing it out now because you know, dressing yourself to leave the house is a major effort and mostly I don't bother.

Scarf | Sportsgirl
Top | Forever New (I bought this one when I was pregnant with Zeph four years ago)
Skirt | Sportsgirl (I wore the same one in khaki here)
Necklace | C. Alexandria
Shoes | Yellow Saltwaters

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Day

You may or may not have noticed that i've been feeling rather four-letter-word-ish lately. It's hot and i'm pregnant- need I say more?

Most days I've found myself swinging between screaming at my beautiful innocent children and crying about screaming at my beautiful innocent children. It's less than ideal.

I've been consoled by one armed hugs from my wounded mother (she broke her shoulder, remember) and blocks of Cadbury Willy Wonker chocolate. My bra's and underpants no longer fit me and even my husband inquired about the size of my bum, let's not mention what my daughter thinks of my face!

Despite the odds, this morning I awoke (after about 4 hours of sleep) and decided that I just HAD to get on top of things. No. More. Crying.

Naturally, I can't get on top of things on my own so I called my broken mother and grey haired father for moral support. They got out their pom pom's and cheered me on. Then they got in their car - my dad with his wipper snipper and mower, my mum with a bag of books and special toys.

They arrived at my house and tirelessly worked. My dad lingered in the sun for two hours to get our filthy yard under control while mum read stories and played with the kids.

When they left my children were in bed and my lawns were neat and tidy.

I simply can't express my gratitude for my mum and dad. They are ALWAYS there when I need them, no exceptions. ever.

They are the greatest example of God's love that i've ever known. Unconditional, practical and present.

Mum and Dad, thank you.

One day, ONE DAY I will be able to give back a little bit of what you've given to me.

One day.

I'm enjoying talking with you about your wonderful parents over here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

IT'S GROSS {can you believe she said that to me?}

I knelt down with puckered lips to give my lady baby a kiss- she paused while gazing lovingly at my face, placing two gentle hands on my chin. She cupped my cheeks with those little hands and looked curiously at me before remarking  'look at your face.... it's gross!'

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. A sneak peek at Life InStyle which I attended on Friday. So much goodness for my eyes to behold and a delightful opportunity to hang with my favourite Tess.
2. Shall we pom pom? thought so.
3. Pantone colour swatches collected from N.Y and gifted to me by my beautiful sister Amy. Artwork by Foundry.
4. Yes, that's cheesecake on my kitchen bench a 9am. A welcome post breakfast snack from our neighbours.
5. Garden delights in the hands of my husband delight.
6. The Craft Kid.
7. Little hand in big hand holding water dragon. Bless.

Life has been outrageously busy this week. The rain and incessant humidity has rendered me entirely useless, throw in an unhealthy dose of pregnancy hormones and you've got one teary Emily on your hands. If I haven't visited your stills post from last week, please forgive me. I'm needing to spend much of my spare time catching up on washing, cleaning or sleeping (not in that order). 

Thank you to those of you who continue to join in here, I'm grateful.

Today is the last day to enter this giveaway. Winner will be announced on this post tomorrow evening :)


Zephie: Deep in the throws of a crafting session.

Pippi: Lady Baby has a big girl bed, polka dotted pillows, sheets, quilt and P.J's. She can't help but be awesome.

Since the count down is on until baby Beetleshack #3 graces us with it's presence, I'm going to add a bump picture to my portraits starting next week.

Just quietly, I'm pretty excited.

See the 52 Project here. I'll see you tonight for the Stills Collection

Today is the last day to enter this giveaway. Winner will be announced on this post tomorrow evening :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Crocodiles, snakes and spiders. Thats a bit more like it.

The kids loved our semi recent reptilian adventure filled with blue tongue lizard licking, mud trail trekking and emu petting.

The highlight though, was when Zeph jumped the fence into the Galapagos Tortoise enclosure. Seriously, he really did that.

I was just thankful it's wasn't the crocodile sanctuary.

Kids and reptiles- a winning combination.

In other news, thank you so much for your kind words on my last post. As always, I find such a supportive community here and as always 'you are not alone' is pretty much the single most comforting thing a person can be told.

Mum is getting better quickly... except for the arm in a sling for the next few months part, things are okay. AND my neighbour just bought me baked cheese cake for breakfast, so i'd say that's a win!

Today the kids, dave and I are going to do some crafty things at home and enjoy making a mess rather than tidying it up. I'll be sure to include some pics in my Weekly Stills.

See you on the flip side.

xo em

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First it Rains

... then it pours, but not with dollars and cents, like we need it to.

I really wish money grew on trees- especially at the moment.

So far this month we've paid four and a half thousand dollars in bills. A $1500 obstetric free, $1500 for new tyres that were long over dude and a similar amount for our home insurance.

That left us with pretty much nothing for pretty much everything else. It was okay though, there was meat in the freezer, eggs from the chooks, veg in the garden and fuel in the tanks. We could scrimp, we've done it before.

That was until Tuesday when I was driving to my parents place* and somehow popped a brand new $400 tyre.

Naturally, I cried all day.

Today, Dave called me on his way home from a meeting to tell me he'd just been booked and given a juicy $300 fine.

C'mon. Thats just over the top.

Don't even get me started on the bills we simply can't even THINK about paying.


Pay Day's next Wednesday- I guess we'll be living cheap next month too.

Tell me you live like this as well. Go on, tell me.

*on my way to my parents place I called them to find that mum had just fallen off her bike and broken her shoulder. She was at the hospital. My poor mumma now has a black eye, her aim in a sling and an appointment with the surgeon. When it rains....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wearing: The Final Countdown

It's the final count down, thank the Lord!

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

The days are hot and long and mostly, while I'm extremely exhausted, sleep still escapes me. We're sorting out spaces, organising bedrooms (much more on that later) and trying to get one pesky two year old to sleep like a pro.

So, this is 30 weeks. Maternity shape wear and super sexy pressure bandage socks are in my future.

It's all about the glamour.


Two Minds dress c|o Fillyboo
Chambray Shirt | Forever New
Vintage Belt
Necklace c|o Shabby Sisters
Rings | The Beetle Shack 
Shoes c|o Sole Society

I'm looking forward to cooler days and a new baby to hold.

While you're hanging about, feel free to enter our Modern Vintage Giveaway or check out the pics from my brothers surprise wedding.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Wedding

Dave and I went to my big brothers engagement party on the weekend, only it turned out to be his wedding.

What a deliriously delightful surprise it was to see he and his fiance walking hand in hand down the little local path way that usually takes us to the beach.

A small, humble gathering of friends and family (only forty guests) made the event intimate, relaxed and so very special. Never before have I witnessed the tenderness that was evident between Nell (the new sister i'm adding to my collection) and her family. A sprawling collection of people filled with obvious love and respect for each other. Their hugs were huge and lingering, their faces soft and sincere.

In the eyes of my own parents I saw the happiest kind of tears. The kind they had been hoping to cry for their son, and now they have. With joy and pride and contentment they watched Jonno commit to love and cherish, for better or worse.

 There were tears, hugs, kisses, speeches and toasts. Stories of years gone by and hopes (for grand-babies and cousins) for the future.

I can't express the pride I felt to see my brother take the hand of his lover, for the rest of his life.

Now, and only now, our family is complete.*

Welcome Nell, we love you.

*with the exception of many, many more babies. No pressure Jonno and Nell, but you know- procreate.