Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Face Full of Wonder (for chocolate cake)

Looking for an excuse to linger in Zeph's room after tucking him into bed, I found myself telling him about when he was born. About how sweet and tiny and healthy he was. About how he slept on my chest for that first night and how delighted I was to see his pink face every time I opened my eyes.

Those magic first days of motherhood. That huge, endless love*.

His face was full of wonder as I told him about the first time he met his grampies, his aunts and uncles and our treasured friends. They all loved him too, many of them had tears of joy in their eyes as they held him. Some let them flow shamelessly while others wiped them away before they reached their lips.   We saw them all though, and with each tear we felt the love our people had for him, little Zephie.

As the story unfolded the smile upon his face grew wider.

He was thinking about cake. Chocolate cake.

'And was there a massive cake for me on my birthday, mumma?'

I laughed as I answered, telling him no, we didn't have a cake

Bemused he said 'well we should have a huge chocolate cake for the new baby on it's birthday'.

And so it is written, the day before this new baby enters our blessed world, we shall make it a chocolate cake.

The following day all 5 of us will sit up on the hospital bed and spill crumbs as we devour it.

* i could feel it just the same as I sat with him on his big-boy-single-bed. His hand are bigger, his eyes just as wide. the love is even more endless than I can comprehend.


  1. I love the idea of singing happy birthday after the baby is born :) Cake is always a good idea :) xx

  2. chocolate cake flavoured milk for the baby....x

  3. Great idea, Zephie! & what a wonderfully big heart your boy has, Em. This sounds like a pretty swell plan!

    Sar xx

  4. Ahh, God bless you all (and chockie cake) too xxx

  5. Love for a child, your own child, is the most wonderful love. The longer I know my children, the more my love for them grows.

  6. aaaawwww!!!! that is such a sweet post x

  7. Yum!

    This baby is one lucky baby to be born into such a loving family.

  8. I can get on board with this idea... definitely!

  9. Yes! Cake! beasutiful moment captured with beautiful words Em. *the five of you* are going to be awesome. :)sarah

  10. Cute!! I remember my sister and I would distract ourselves at night by thinking about cakes if we thought we were going to have bad dreams!! Hey I would love you to come and see my dollhouse - just posted it on my blog am pretty proud! Suz

  11. This is just what I needed to read after a rather trying morning of the last day of the school holiday here with my two together. So we're off to go bowling. Ps. Looking lovely in the previous post! Alison x

  12. Sweetness! I have a friend who's sister helped her niece make an '0' cake for the new baby. Gorgeous sentiment.


  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my photo blog!
    This is a lovely blog, congrats on baby... sweet post here.
    I'm inspired to post more of my own photography, day to day... thanks!

  14. and a beautiful new tradition is born.

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