Saturday, December 1, 2012


Summer has arrived in typical Australian fashion, with a blasting hot bang.

To keep cool we splashed and squealed in a bubble filled wading pool nestled under the branches of the Magnolia tree.  The afternoon was spent slouching about in our bathing suits (or birthday suits, as the case my be).

Right now, the whir of the ceiling fans and the beautiful pine tree in my living room remind me that Christmas is just around the corner*.

Did you get your tree today? Real or fake?

* I'll share some pics of our tree collecting expedition tomorrow


  1. It was a nice cool day today In the 30's we had an early start to summer with 44 on Thursday.
    We got a fake tree yesterday, I would have liked a real one but I haven't seen any where I live.

  2. Its pretty sweltering here in Noosa also, its been late 20s consistently since we moved here a few months back...its meant to get into the mid to high 30s soon:(!
    Im a serious promoter of a REAL tree, even if it were free I wouldn't take it, real or nothing. Its that smell, the pine smell that lingers in the whole house. I love it!
    We are hanging in the Gold Coast at my hubby's uncle & co's house for Christmas this year, I hope they have a real tree for me to smell and reminiss all my past Christmas's back home, first Christmas away from my parents, and in another country.

  3. I love your pic of the cicada case - I can't wait to show it to my bug-crazy-boy in the morning! We put up our Christmas tree today - well, Christmas Pot Plant - next year it will have (hopefully!) grown to a good size!

  4. Oh yes it's stinking hot here too! Snap on the bubble filled paddling pool...that's the very same way we whiled our day away. Tree shopping tomorrow and real it is!! We used to chop the ones on the side of the highway (the "weeds") but with two little people in tow we don't quite feel it's the right (or safest) option. It's to the tree farm for us tomorrow. Hope your Sunday is gorgeous...and not too hot :) x

  5. Coolangatta is just perfect - we love it hot here! The tree is up and its not real this year - we have done expensive farm ones and dodgy road side ones and this year it is a $200 plastic fantastic one for ten bucks at the oppie - fully decorated with all sort of arty crafty and with such joy! Bring on summer and bring on summer holidays!!!

  6. My sister's visiting Tassie from Brisbane - we put up the tree at mum and dad's. It's fake. And about four foot. Teeny tiny. Plus, also - it was warm here! Yays! (We don't get to say that very often.)

  7. Oh it has been hot here too! we always get a real tree but will wait to get it next week, I can't wait! x

  8. We're far too hot this weekend to put the tree up, so we are going to do it next weekend. Not feeling the Xmas spirit so much this year.


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