Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stills - A Weekly Collection

1. Nanny snuggles, the best kind. 'Nanny, i'm almost getting too big' he tells her. Little does he know that he will never be too big.
2. Back yard bush wanderings. 
3. Thats grass, guys. It's in our back yard (previously rambling rocks and dirt) and it's beautiful.
4. Grubby exhausted toddler feet stealing a quiet couch moment.
5. General table junk. My coffee, some wrapping paper and Zeph's train. It's always around, that table top litter.
6. Wild blackberries.
7. Just a humble bouquet, one of the many scattered around Jonah's (i posted about that earlier today, you can see it here. Waning, it may put you to sleep-zzzz boring)

Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week. Leave a link to your Collection of Weekly Stills below. I also loved seeing your christmas crafts last week, feel free to keep those ones coming too.

Don't forget to enter the Christmas Giveaway either, it's your last chance. Also, i'm offering large and medium add spaces at 50% off for the month of december, if you're interested click here.


  1. Beautiful! I love the grass shot, even the smell of grass is devine!

    Here is a link to our week x

  2. yep - nanny cuddles are the best even when your all grown up and have kids of your own! I fight my kids for cuddles with my nanna! lovely images - enjoy going barefoot on that grass!

  3. I can't believe that is your backyard, how gorgeous. And fresh blackberries straight from the bush are THE BEST.

    Lovely captures as always Em.

    x Laura

  4. that first picture is soooooo beautiful! x

  5. Isn't new grass after a lifetime of rubble just THE best feeling!! Enjoy your much deserved your space. Beautiful captures lovely girl. Hope your week is grand :) x

  6. Tear jerker in the nicest of ways. I don't have my nana's any longer to cuddle and our children's nana's live too far away. Your children are very lucky Em :)


  7. Oh and here is a link to our take on Christmas crafting..
    x Laura

  8. Nanny cuddles are the best!

  9. what no glitter!?

    mmm blackberries.....if you have a few more I'll share a cherry, blackberry and macadamia nut muffin recipe with you soon :) xx

  10. I do love cute little toddler feet. Grubby ones sound like they've been busy having fun. x

  11. Love little feet! Not sure why as big feet are gross, but little feet always make of all of the places they have yet to tread.

  12. That back yard and grass. Wowee!! It's a kids paradise! Beautiful images xx

  13. Those grubby toddler toes have been alive and well in my home. A sign of a happy wee soul. Xx

  14. a beautiful collection, love the nanny snuggle and the feet, gorgeous.

  15. Emily, what beautiful photography! How lovely.


  16. What a lovely little blog! So glad I found it. x

  17. Absolutely love that first shot Em...
    Ronnie xo

  18. the second photo is stunning!

    (and he really is getting quite big though, no?? sorry to burst your bubble!!) ;)

  19. Sorry I'm linking up a little late. Love your stills Em. xo

  20. HI Emily, I have added another Christmas craft post again, but I have to say I feel a little out of my league with my photos!! Once upon a time I had a SLR (15 yrs ago - I still have it somewhere) and did great shots, now I have a cheapy Sony Cyber shot and I forget to keep it with me and I also make most of my things at night so my pictures aren't the best. I post none-the-less and hope that one day my photographic flair will return to me!!! I enjoy reading your posts and your photos make me smile, so thankyou for that:)

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