Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just What We Needed

A whole week ago now, Dave and I escaped for a weekend of quiet solitude and utter indulgence. Vastly different from our typical weekends filled with washing, cleaning and the wrangling of small children.

A sea plane was scheduled to pick us up from Rose Bay but high winds and poor visibility ensured we arrived by Kluger rather than aircraft. I can't say I was disappointed though, I'm no thrill seeker and must confess to breathing a sweet sigh of relief when the final decision was made.

Once safely in our cosy room we high fived each other before giggling like school girls. It's hilarious work pretending your posh when you're just plain ol'... well, plain.

Room service and a hot spa were a must so with the ocean surrounding us and filling our ears we lulled and soaked before reading (in silence) on the balcony wearing huge white fluffy robes. Later in the evening we enjoyed the most decadent a la cart dinner of our lives. The dessert was seriously something else, think Marie Antoinette, pink grapefruit and the most subtle of flavours.

The entire experience was perfectly rejuvenating- just what we needed. I confess to feeling rather 'flat' prior and had wondered how on earth I would make it through the Christmas season when running on empty.

Oh mercy, it was good.

So good.

I declare the child free extravaganza a success.


The weekly collection linky will be up later on tonight! Can't wait to see your stills :)

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  1. Ugh!!!! It's glorious!!!! I WANT TO BE THERE NOW!!!! Exactly where abouts do you live? Australia? I spent 4 months there roaming around the country spending alot go time in bog cities and very small towns. Just curious! Your life is fascinating to me for some reason, well, for good reason, your fascinating:)
    Anyhow, I am very jealous. I have only had 2 measley dates with my hubby in 3 years!11 How pathetic is that? BOO!!!

  2. sounds and looks amazing! happy ten years Em! and perfect way to celebrate it x

  3. When I was a nanny we were given gift vouchers a few times for a night away and dinner. It never disappointed. One of my favourite spots.

    Glad you had a lovely getaway. x

  4. What a gorgeous thing to do for each other. It is so very easy to make our worlds all about our kiddies but the love we have for our partners is the very reason the munchkins are here! So important to honour that beautiful bond. Yay for you!!! Hope your week is lovely :) x

  5. Hey that's where my brother had his reception and the creme brûlée was amazing as was the view!! So glad you got so pampered :)
    Ellen xx

  6. Oh that sounds and looks just perfectly lovely and relaxing. So glad you had a wonderful anniversary and found the rejuvenation you needed. x Laura

  7. I am desperate to go there! I have heard nothing but high praise x

  8. Oh lordy, sounds like the perfect get-away. I can count on one hand the amount of times hubby and I have been away sans children in 20 fact, less than one hand. I need to schedule a get-away pronto!

  9. so so lovely to have some time out. Such a beautiful place Jonah's ...... I remember a few car journeys there feeling oh so very glam. oh the days!

  10. Sounds wonderful and relaxing! Congrats on taking the time to get away, for yourselves:)

  11. Oh wow that sounds amazing! Looks like it was beautiful!!

  12. OH how lovely for the two of you. We had Jonah's on our list of places to get married but we just couldn't get the dates we wanted. It does make for a fabulous get away though and you two totally deserve it xx

  13. Thanks a lot for the post. It has helped me get some nice ideas. I hope I will see some really good result soon.


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