Sunday, December 2, 2012


Zeph: just your average mid week bread baking experience.

Pippi: 'yook mum, i'm in ma 'ouse'.

These guys have been outrageously adorable lately, I think its our shared excitement over Christmas with all of its crafts, foods and merriment. Right now, they're forming a fire engine using every single chair in the house, time for me to hop in and drive the truck.

Happy Sunday my friends. May lemonade Icy Poles and seriously dorky christmas tunes be on your radar. See you tonight with some Weekly Stills and the linky.

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  1. It's so funny how the little ones try to find the smallest spaces to squeeze into! Happy holiday crafting and baking!!

  2. i keep losing my children under chairs since i put slipcovers on them. they think it's hilarious. :)sarah

  3. its all fun and games till someone head gets stuck :) haha

  4. So lovely! Don't you just adore that developing language. Too cute!! And your wee Zeph will be on master chef before you know it. Hope your Sunday is brilliant :) xx

  5. Lovely photos, as always!

    Enjoy the holiday crafting, baking...and of course the Christmas tunes!
    I will be Rocking Around the Christmas Tree later this afternoon!

  6. Aw those are too cute!
    There are some seriously dorky but adorable christmas songs happening right now. Our five year old is putting on a Christmas show!

  7. Haha, Pippi! What a sweetheart. Love when they get themselves wedged into bizarre little nooks and crannies. Your pair are too cute Em xo


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