Monday, November 12, 2012

More than a Garden

Not a day goes by without our family spending time in the garden together. Whether it be harvesting fresh greens for our dinner, snipping herbs to garnish, putting out emergency fires or planting seasonally appropriate seeds, we can so often be found amongst the greenery and lady beetles of our front yard.

As we were pottering about over the weekend it dawned on me that this humble little garden provides so much more for our family than food.

It provides us with a common place, a place for learning and teaching, exploring and discovering.

Slowly but surely Dave and I are learning what to plant where and when, how long certain seeds take before they punch their first shoots through the warm soil and the best time to harvest crops.

Simultaneously the kids are starting to respect the work that goes into growing our own food. They delight in the opportunity to eat fresh peas from the bush and as I had hoped when writing my new years resolutions, Zeph now pics, smells and names just about any herb or plant within his reach.

Mostly, our garden provides us with a place of togetherness.

A New Year, A New Dream
The Garden


  1. so lovely - just what a garden should be. x

  2. Stunning photos (my favourite is the last) and how wonderful that Zeph knows his plants, sounds like you're instilling a wonderful passion that will last for life. Im x.

  3. So beautiful, Em.
    I would love to learn how to sow, reap and harvest as well...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Sounds (and looks) magic! I had a wee giggle because I did a post today about my lack of gardening prowess! I am ever inspired by wonderful gardens especially of the edible variety. It's lovely to hear that my slow learning may very well reap such beauty in the not too distant future. My dream is the same.
    WIshing you a lovely Tuesday of sunshine, garden pottering and the odd Tim Tam or three ;)
    Steph :) x

  5. Learning to work together and work out challenges together is at least equal to having all of that lovely fresh food in my books.

  6. I loved our garden, we grew the yummiest tomatoes this year. We got a bit busy and didnt maintain it though so we have nothing growing at the moment and I really miss the fresh herbs!

  7. there's a whole lot of awesomeness in that garden. my beans are starting to wind their way and i think the potatoes may be just about ready to harvest! i love the slow. :)sarah

  8. I love this, Em! It's wonderful to realise that it is more than plants and food, it is a part of your family life - something to revel in. You are teaching your babes something that they will take with them, and they will teach these things to their own little one's. I'm sure they will forever have fond memories of the times spent in your garden - together, as a family.
    Be proud, mama!

  9. Beautiful. We are already missing our garden now that winter is upon us. Can't wait to see that garlic coming up in the spring, and looking forward to enjoying pictures of your's until then.

    xo Lilly

  10. i like that the outdoors creates a place of togetherness ... our does also. x

  11. lovely! i can't wait till we move onto acreage whereby we can grow our own and i can watch my children take in the wonder of it all!

  12. do wish you could link in with my garden journal Lovely xx

  13. Sensational. It's so boring being jealous.

  14. beautiful gardening sentiments, I couldn't agree more, a place of togetherness and sometimes a little bit of aloneness out there can help bring some sanity too.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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