Monday, November 12, 2012

More than a Garden

Not a day goes by without our family spending time in the garden together. Whether it be harvesting fresh greens for our dinner, snipping herbs to garnish, putting out emergency fires or planting seasonally appropriate seeds, we can so often be found amongst the greenery and lady beetles of our front yard.

As we were pottering about over the weekend it dawned on me that this humble little garden provides so much more for our family than food.

It provides us with a common place, a place for learning and teaching, exploring and discovering.

Slowly but surely Dave and I are learning what to plant where and when, how long certain seeds take before they punch their first shoots through the warm soil and the best time to harvest crops.

Simultaneously the kids are starting to respect the work that goes into growing our own food. They delight in the opportunity to eat fresh peas from the bush and as I had hoped when writing my new years resolutions, Zeph now pics, smells and names just about any herb or plant within his reach.

Mostly, our garden provides us with a place of togetherness.

A New Year, A New Dream
The Garden


  1. So lovely, Em. Creating a veggie patch is the next project on our list!

  2. such a lovely post i love my veggie patch hopefully it'll be huge and flourishing by the time i have kids!

  3. This is just what the garden was for my family growing up and now my brother and I are doing the same with our own little families even down to the same make shift gardening tools my parents used.

    ( we build little channels in our garden beds and water with a sock over the hose it's hilarious but works a treat, once the water has moved to end of the channel we just move it to the next one )

  4. Aren't gardens magical! I can so relate. I'm not complete when I don't have a garden to potter in.


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