Sunday, November 25, 2012


Zeph: Take a photo of me next to my painting, mum. Can you see his sixteen year old face here?

Pippi: You'd like to wear your ski jacket in the middle of a warm spring day? Of course Darling, whatever makes you happy.

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  1. All the better to match the vegetables, mum!

  2. He does look so grown up! And the jacket and gumboots are too cute! I have many photos of my five year old in a summer dress or bathers and gumboots at a similar age!

  3. I love that I read your captions in a voice that I've made in my head to be yours... (since, you know, I've never actually heard it in person) Makes me giggle every time. Love these photos!

  4. What a great jacket & gumboots - love the lemon and lime combo - just like Sprite ;)

  5. lovely photos! I love the one of Pippi!

  6. I've said it before but I have to say it again (and I'm sure to say it again!)...your babies are magnificent. I always think of "Happy little vegemites" when I see them. They always make me smile. Lovely job there Mumma :) x

  7. look at those gorgeous babes. i think the polo-school-looking shirt makes the little man look older than he is, too. and the big parka and gumboots? weather-inappropriate perfection :)sarah

  8. Oh Zeph, you are looking so grown up! xo

  9. Oh wow those are so lovely (the pics and the kids ;-)

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