Sunday, November 11, 2012


Zeph: Wildly digging holes, far too busy to smile for a photo.

Pippi: Happily wrapped in a towel and close to my side.

I'm a little late on the 52 this week. We've had such a fun and full weekend but now the kids are in bed and it's time to sort through so me photo's.


  1. Such beautiful golden haired babes you have. They just come alive at the beach don't they?! So restorative yet energising for everyone. Hope you're feeling well and lovely.
    Steph :) x

  2. Gorgeous! Love the one of Pippi, she must have been close to your side ;)
    I've (finally) joined in this week too. xx

  3. i so love the feeling and smell of a beachy toddler snuggled in a towel. my favourite. Oh! a new friend doing 52, yay! :)sarah

  4. love the one of the little lady!! x

  5. For reals, you all need to stop being so darn cute! (I kid, I kid - be as cute as you please!)


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