Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Spring has sprung and blossoms are blooming. Endless cliches could be used to describe the beauty of this season, but instead i'll let the garden do the talking.

1. Basil flower.
2. Some kind of cheap potted colour that I insisted upon on our last visit to the nursery.
3. Delphinium. The prettiest thing in the veg garden.
4. Chive flower. My favourite of all the flowering herbs. They look just like the trees in the Lorax.
5. Egg plant.
6. Buds on the apple tree.
7. Buds and spiders webs on the lemon tree.


  1. Beautiful photos Em. You really are a talent with your camera. I always love seeing pictures of flowers.

    1. And the spiderwebs are gorgeous. (I have a soft spot for spiderwebs at the moment, because they are Oscar's latest fascination).

  2. WOw Em, you are TRULY talented at Photography! And also, Art of course;) What lens did you use for these shots? x

  3. Those first two shots are stunning, Em.
    Loving spring...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the purple/blue tones, so dreamy!

  5. Love the pictures and the spring time : ). Xx

  6. Magnificent piccies! Basil flowers are yummy too!! Tried your fennel and orange salad for tea tonight and it was gorgeous...thanks for sharing. Hope you have a lovely "Springy" week full of sunshine, cups of tea and massive backyard renos. :)

  7. Chive flowers as truffula trees- spot on! Beautiful photos. My fingers are deep red and brown from soaking in the start of summer. The most wonderful time of the year. X ashley

  8. the documentation of the change in seasons in your side of the world makes me --a fall lover-- grasping at the spring and summer past.

  9. Gorgeous and lovely! I am going to live vicariously through your garden... I have yet to attempt one in our tiny yard in the city! ;)

  10. What a wonderful invention this world wide web is-- that I, who am preparing for the bitters of winter, can see your lovely spring! Thanks for bringing spring into my fall.

  11. These have just become my very favourite Beetleshack images!

    Em x

  12. Spectacular photography Em, you clever gal. Such loveliness to behold in your garden there... and all those shades of violet, beautiful! xo

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