Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stills: Weekly Collection

1. Powdered glitter from our holiday craft. I'll be showing you exactly what we made later in the week (ooh so exciting).

2. On Friday we witnessed my beautiful Cousin get married to her tender hearted groom. Liz and I grew up together, she is in so many of my childhood memories, so to see her dress in white and glowing the love glow was truly special. It was the most magical day.

3. A bike on a beach, Shelley Beach to be exact. In my imagination it belongs to a long haired bohemian woman.

4. The tables at the Wedding reception.

5. The Young Man, working hard in the garden with his dadda.

6. Fresh flowers - the perfect addition to our vegetable gardens. They'll attract bees and other lovely flying things.

7. The lady baby learning tricks from her big brother. Both of them impress me with their skill and dexterity.

This post is seriously late. We have been without internet for a few days, it almost killed me. If you've emailed me and I haven't replied, that's why. It's back now and you'll be happy to know that the cold sweats and heart palpitations have finally ceased.

If you missed the fawn and fox giveaway, you can enter it here.


  1. Gorgeous pics as usual :) You were in my neck of the woods for a bit. Also loving your new look here xx

    1. ooh gosh, that neck of the woods is BREATHTAKING!!! so beautiful.

  2. Love the big photos...that last one is great...aren't they such little monkeys!

  3. love that bike. your photos are gorgeous. i quite like the large photos even if they don't really fit on my laptop screen.

  4. No internet is the worst.
    I feel your heart palpitations for sure.
    Gorgeous photos lovely.
    And happy, happy birthday to the hubby for tomorrow. xx

  5. I simply adore that last photo - but they're all beautiful images Em!
    Thanks for your incredibly sweet message on my blog. Made me smile big time.
    Ronnie xo

  6. so, a climber huh? i got three from three: all climbers. heaps of fun, apart from the awkward shopping centre conversations about facial bruises ;)

  7. Great photos, love that bike! I really like the new size photos, they look really great!

  8. Great photos, I love number 1, so clever and subtle... ah just brilliant!

  9. great photos. love the bike shot especially. makes me feel like summer. xo

  10. Stunning photos! Can I also add that I really love your new look. I think it's very 'you' and was surprised by comments that said otherwise. I think the thing is, is that your last header/logo was a pretty amazing design - really memorable (your friend is VERY talented), so I think people will always take a while to adjust. This look is lovely, clean, spacious, relaxed, breath of fresh air feeling...

  11. I love these little looks into your lives. :)


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em